Popular Gridlock Cydia Tweak Updated For iOS 7


Those of you who would like iOS to function more like a desktop in the fact that you can position your icons in whatever order you like on screen will be glad to know that Gridlock has been updated for iOS 7. Gridlock is a tweak developed by Chpwn and P0sixninja which allows you to arrange […]

Gridlock 2.0 Released Into Cydia To Bring A Desktop-Like Feel To The iOS 6 Home Screen


Gridlock has without a doubt been a very popular tweak throughout firmware generations and if you are one of the tweaks fans you will be glad to know it has been updated for the iOS 6 firmware generation in Gridlock 2.0. For those of you who are new to the Jailbreaking community, Gridlock essentially makes […]

Infinidock, Infiniboard, And Infinifolders 2.0 Now Available For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch–Now With Support For Infinite Icons


We learned earlier this week that Grant Paul–also known in the jailbreak community as Chpwn–was working on a complete rewrite of his apps. We speculated that Chpwn would most likely update his paid apps, including Infinidock, Infiniboard, Infinifolders, VoiceActivator and Zephyr; as it turns out, these are the apps that were updated. As Chpwn explained […]

The ‘Infini’ Tweaks, Gridlock And Zephyr Cydia Tweaks Are Now Compatible With The iOS 5.1 Firmware


Apple introduced the iOS 5.1 firmware yesterday with some bug fixes and minor new features. As such the iPhone Dev-Team released RedSn0w 0.9.10b6 to Jailbreak A4 iOS devices running the iOS 5.1 firmware tethered. While this Jailbreak is not very stable at this time, if you upgraded the iOS 5.1 firmware and want to Jailbreak you […]

The Top 7 Essential Cydia Tweaks For Your iPad (1G + 2G)


With the release of JailbreakMe 3.0 came the ability to Jailbreak the iPad 2G. With over 1,000,000 iDevices being Jailbroken since the release of JailbreakMe 3.0, and most likely a good chunk of them being iPad 2G’s we decided to put together a list of some essential tweaks for your iPad 2G or 1G for […]

Infiniboard and Gridlock Updated – Bugfixes and Better iOS 4.2 Support

Screen shot 2010-11-27 at 8.09.34 AM copy

Tweeted by Chpwn, popular tweaks Gridlock and Infiniboard have been updated for better iOS 4.2 support and various bug fixes. Full changelog and details below. Gridlock: From chpwn and posixninja comes Gridlock, a powerful tweak that allows you to arrange your icons however you would like, with drag and drop simplicty. No longer will you […]

GridLock Cydia Tweak Now Released: Position SpringBoard Icons Anywhere On iPhone And iPod Touch


A couple days ago we talked about a new Cydia tweak called GridLock, and how it would allow you to position SpringBoard icons however you like. The great thing about this Cydia tweak is it means no more need to use blank icons to achieve complicated icon layouts. Gridlock simply allows you to place your […]

Gridlock – Free Icon Position Tweak – Now Available


Yesterday we told you about a new tweak coming soon to the Cydia store from iPhone developer Chpwn and Posixninja, called Gridlock. Today, Gridlock lands in the Cydia Store. This tweak will enable you to move icons anywhere on the SpringBoard in the 4×4 layout (or any custom one you have) breaking the rows and […]

Gridlock: A Free Icon Position Jailbreak Tweak Coming Soon [Sreenshots]


Chpwn has announced that a new tweak called “Gridlock” will arrive in the Cydia Store soon. With the help of Posixninja, this tweak will enable you to move icons anywhere on the SpringBoard in the 4×4 layout (or any custom one you have) breaking the rows and columns restrictions. Assuming this tweak will be available […]

GridLock: A New Cydia Tweak To Allow Icons To Be Positioned Anywhere!


Some of the best tweaks to be developed are plain simple tweaks, that are useful. GridLock is a great example of one of these tweaks, and what GridLock actually allows you to do is position icons on your SpringBoard in whatever fashion you wish to (breaking the iPodTouch/iPhone’s rows and columns restrictions).While all the details […]