How The Game Center Could Look Like In iOS 7 [Image]


Last year we shared with you a mockup from a Cult Of Mac reader by the name of Adrian Maciburko who redesigned the iOS Notes application with a “Crystal Interface.” The inspiration came from Scott Forstall, the man responsible for much of the visual design of Apple’s iOS, leaving Apple and Jony Ive taking over his iOS […]

OpenFeint Shutting Down On December 14, App Creators Given Just One Month to Change


It was only a matter of time until the centralized gaming network OpenFeint disappeared, once Apple launched Game Center. The two services accomplish nearly the same task – adding achievements and social features that work across a bunch of iOS games – and the first-party option has quickly become the more popular choice for developers. […]

Mass iMessage, Game Center And FaceTime Outages Affecting Many People


Ever since I woke up this morning I have been hearing reports about iMessage being down or at the minimum experiencing intermittent problems. Throughout the day these issues have seemingly gotten worse and many media outlets are also reporting wide-spread iMessage outages; mostly in areas around North America and Europe. For certain individuals even Game […]

Is iOS The Biggest Gaming Platform, Topping Nintendo DS And PlayStation 2 Put Together?


Asymco, a Market Research website founded by Horace Dediu has released a press release titled Measuring iOS as a gaming platform. The truth is that the quick article doesn’t do a whole lot of analysis of iOS as a gaming platform. We have the number of Game Center accounts as 67 million individual accounts from […]

Amazon Introduces GameCircle For Kindle Fire [VIDEO]


Amazon announced yesterday that they’re set to release GameCircle, an OpenFeint-esque game center for the Kindle Fire. It promises to do all the usual things that OpenFeint and Apple Game Center do now, such as track achievements and global leaderboards across all games on the platform. It also offers cloud storage of all your game […]

UnderAchiever Cydia Tweak Lets You Reset Achievements For Games In Game Center


If you’re poor at Game Center enabled games and wanted to cheat your way to the top, you’d probably use the Overachiever tweak on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. However, the tweak had a major problem, there was no way to go back or reset your achievements! Here’s a new tweak to help […]

Bejeweled HD Arrives On The Apple iPad, Keeps You Glued To The Screen

Bejeweled HD App Store Icon-iJailbreak

Bejeweled is one of those games, which despite of not being very interesting, makes you want to play it all the time. The classic game has been around from a long time and it has now officially arrived on the Apple iPad, thanks to Popcap. There already is an iPhone and iPod Touch version of […]

Google To Copy Apple’s iOS Game Center For Android? [Rumor]


Google is working on Android’s answer to Apple’s Game Center, according to a rumor from Business Insider. This rumor comes by way of “a source familiar with the plans.” (How mysterious.) Their source told Business Insider that Google’s software would support achievements and a leader-board among friends… which makes sense because that’s exactly what Apple’s […]

Game Center Coming To Mac OS X Mountain Lion


Following the release of Mountain Lion OS X 10.8, a load of new features have been packed into the Operating System to bridge the gap between OS X and iOS. One of these features was a Notification Pane within the OS X itself which displays relevant, yep you guessed it, notifications from your system. Interestingly enough, […]

Overachiever Cydia Tweak Allows To Auto-Fill Game Center Achievements


I’m not the best at iPhone games and my friends who are iOS gaming addicts brag way too much about their gaming achievements. The solution? Install the Overachiever Cydia tweak to my iPhone and make my Game Center account look like I’m a gaming professional. The Overachiever Cydia tweak is pretty much a ‘cheat’ that can […]