Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) On Apple’s Crystal Prison


On Tuesday the Electronic Frontier Foundation described Apple devices as a Crystal Prison, where Apple customers are trapped inside the company’s restrictive policies and software. Of course, it’s not just Apple which the EFF is targeting: the article also targets Microsoft and phone companies creating restrictions through hardware, carrier contracts, and contracts with developers. In […]

The EFF Have Officially Outlined A Mobile User Privacy Bill Of Rights


The Electronics Frontier Federation has announced a new bill that tackles issues pertaining to mobile privacy. This bill is aimed at all the mobile manufacturers who are legally responsible for a users mobile privacy. The EFF published this bill due to the recent mayhem caused by the social networking app Path. It was later discovered that many […]

Sign This Petition By EFF To Keep Jailbreaking Legal [Jailbreaking Is NOT A Crime]


Few days ago, we told you about the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) helping in keeping jailbreaking legal. This was in regard to the expiration of the Jailbreaking exemption to the DMCA added on July 2010. Now, it’s high time that users who support jailbreaking and want to continue jailbreaking to take action and send your comments to the Copyright offices […]

Jailbreaking To Become Illegal Once Again! [YOU Need To Take Action]


July of 2010 was a proud day for the Jailbreaking Community, as the United States government ruled in favour of making Jailbreaking and Unlocking Mobile devices legal (adding an exemption to the DMCA). The only restriction to this new law, put in place to make Jailbreaking legal, was that it could not be carried out for […]