The Future Is Looking Bright For Jailbreaking

For awhile there things were looking pretty bad for the state of the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak and even Jailbreaking as a whole. Over the last few weeks however, it looks like prominent developers such as Planetbeing and Pod2G have begun spending more time looking into the Jailbreak and have made some good progress. Only a few days ago we reported that both Planetbeing and Pod2G were able to make some ‘nice progress’ with the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak.

Now, Planetbeing has stated over Twitter that there has been a ton of progress made on the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak and that “the future is looking bright for Jailbreaking“. This is obviously some great news, and hopefully means we can expect a public release shortly. More importantly however, I want to bring to your attention that fact that Planetbeing didn’t just say the future of the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak was looking bright, but Jailbreaking in general. This could mean that there is numerous exploits that have been discovered that could potentially be used to future-proof iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak when it is released.


With Pod2G also tweeting directly to Planetbeing to check his IRC chat because he thinks he has some good news, one cannot but wonder how close the Jailbreak is to a public release. We will keep our eyes open for any additional information on the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak, until that time stay tuned and sleep well knowing an iPhone 5 Jailbreak could be closer than you think.

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  1. I hope the dev team will succeed big time this year.

  2. Very good news indeed, iOS is a great system and needs some dev love right now ..

  3. can’t wait for it be out. i will only buy iphone 5 if it can be jailbroken. otherwise i’ll stick to my jailbroken 4s

  4. i have faith in the dev team, they can do. jaillbroken stuff has lots of cool features that apple can’t even do. if only apple can think of this.

  5. “This could mean that there is numerous exploits that have been
    discovered that could potentially be used to future-proof iOS 6
    Untethered Jailbreak when it is released” They probably have a bootrom exploit rather then a load of exploits. Though I think that was just p0six that was going to work on that…only time will tell

  6.  Arie Eka Putra says:

    i think they found Low Level Bootroom exploit just like Limera1n of Pre-A5 device by GeoHotz. it mean future jailbreak will have more chance than before.. i wish..

  7. UNTETHERED JB is available to download!

    GO TO redpois0n . net

  8. Aktersnurran @ Twitter says:

    Planetbeing had a working JB on 6.0.2, and the only thing they was looking for now was the initial code to launch it, but 6.1 isn’t released yet..Apple will release the GM the 28th or another beta before it because the 6.1 beta 4 will expire that date. They can sure suprise and patch some vulnerabilities that Cyril and David found, but not everyone IF they even find one..

    The timing of the release is well placed, now when Cook told that they will expand the LTE support to 36 new countries starting next week.

    I can’t wait for the untethered jailbreak..the iPhone is naked without it!

    And karol fy, piss off. Stop spreading nonsense and false facts!

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