Reminder: You Can No Longer Save SHSH Blobs Or Downgrade On The Official iOS 5 Firmware

Earlier today MuscleNerd tweeted the Jailbreaking Community a very important reminder – You can no longer Save SHSH blobs on the iOS 5 firmware or downgrade on the iOS 5 firmware.

If you remember correctly, back when Apple released some of the first beta firmwares for the iOS 5 firmware generation, we told you that you would no longer be able to save your SHSH blobs. This is because Apple has changed the role that *APTickets play on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This means you will no longer be able to restore your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to a lower firmware version once it is running the official iOS 5 firmware.

*APTickets are the main component used in saving SHSH blobs.

 While there is no way to restore to a previous firmware once running the official iOS 5 firmware, the Dev-Team have made a couple of points which you should pay attention to:

  • Restoring to pre-5.0 firmwares with saved blobs will still be possible (but you’ll soon start to need to use older iTunes versions for that).
  • Geohot’s limera1n exploit occurs before any of this new checking is done, so tethered jailbreaks will still always be possible for devices where limera1n applies.

If you are thinking about updating to the iOS 5 firmware or already have this is something you will need to keep in mind.

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  1. Jimmy Marroquin says:

    Ok I’m not the most techi guy here but let me see if I get this… I’m on 4.3.3 and if I update to 5.0 and for some reason I want to downgrade I won’t be able to?

  2. You will be able to downgrade to the 4.3.3 firmware from the iOS 5 firmware if you update (for the time being). However, in the future if Apple releases iOS 5.1, you will not be able to downgrade from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.

  3. Would you be able to downgrade from 5.1 to 4.3.3? And then upgrade to 5.0?

  4. abeeche12 says:

    Didn’t understand, can you explain again. Sorry :(

  5. Alright here is the break down:

    1) – At this time f you have saved SHSH blobs on any of the iOS 4 firmwares (iOS 4.0 – iOS 4.3.5) and upgrade to the iOS 5 firmware. YOU WILL be able to downgrade back to those iOS 4 firmwares that you have saved your blobs on.

    2) – This is only confirmed for the latest version of iTunes (October 12th, 2011). It is possible for Apple to roll out an update to make what I wrote in section 1 invalid.

    3) – You will not be able to downgrade to different iOS 5 firmware files. PERIOD. So, say for example Apple releases iOS 5.1 tomorrow which makes Jailbreaking IMPOSSIBLE and you accidentally upgrade to iOS 5.1. You WILL NOT be able to downgrade back to iOS 5. Your only option would be what I wrote in section 1 as long as it doesn’t conflict with with what I wrote in section 2.

    In short: Apple has essentially killed downgrading. So BE CAREFUL

  6. Ahaha I like your thinking ;) Theoretically yes. However, this is not a YES. It would need to be tested.

  7. Jahnkeanater says:

    is there still any hope for a 4.3.5 untethered jailbreak?

  8. abeeche12 says:

    Thanks :)

  9. Mário Carvalho says:

    Of course not. If you don’t have SHSH to the 5.0, how can you upgrade from 4.3.3 to 5.0 with 5.1 released? Without SHSH you always need to upgrade to the last version, I think so

  10. Sukka Kukka says:

    You can download ios 5.0 from internet and then using recovery mode put ios 5 into your iphone/itouch/ipad

  11. Mário Carvalho says:

    So imagine this situation. You’re in 4.3.3, last release is 5.0. You CAN’T update to 4.3.5 without the SHSH. It’s exactly the same 

  12. Drakebell says:


  13. HI Jaden, I wonder if I could impose upon you for a step by step downgrade from iOS 5 to 4.33 or 4.35. I inadvertently installed the new iOS without pre-making my IPSW custom file that would preserve my (4.10.1) previous baseband which is now (4.11.8).  I had previously jailbreak untethered and use a Gevey ultra which all worked great.  I had previously saved my SHSH blobs both using Tiny Umbrella and using iSHSH (I emailed them to myself attached to iOS 4.33). I have tried the TU umbrella fix, even though I can get the TSS server to start and I can see my previous SHSH blobs are preserved. When I go to downgrade using either 4.35 or 4.33 IPSW files I get a variety of error codes (20, 11, 1604 etc etc). How can I get back to my old baseband of 4.10.1 using my emailed SHSH blobs. I have searched everywhere on the internet and can’t find an appropriate tutorial.  I know the window is closing for the reasons you suggested, so I need to act fast to get back to where I am.  I swear I will never do last minute late night upgrades again!!!!! Regards JP

  14. I have the same issue Posluns.
    I upgraded iPhone 4 GSM SIM-Free to iOS 5.0 gm.
    I saved SHSH all codes from 4.1 to 4.3.5.
    I tried to downgrade bug get a lot of difference errors 1,20,1013 etc…
    I tried PC and MAC versions iTunes and TinyUmbrella.
    Tell me please what version iTunes do i need for downgrade my iPhone to the 4.3.3 or 4.2.1.

  15. Austiny2000 says:

    whell this is not all true as of now you can save shsh blobs of ios 5 but as soon as ios 5.1 comes out and if u possibly upgrade you can restore back to ios 5

  16. ya me too, i’m iphone 4 gSm SIM-free to iOS 5.0 ..

    i have tinyumbrella and everything shsh

    i tried downgrade it (i’m new to downgrade><)

    i keep on getting error (1), what happen?? can anyone help??

  17. I just bought my Iphone 4 with iOS 5 on it and i couldn’t save shsh but does it mean that i never can’t jailbreak? :O

  18. LMAO I just restored to 4.1 from iOS 5 without blobs…3GS though dont know about i4

  19. Not only have Apple killed downgrading, they’ve killed our ability to restore our current OS once they close their signing window.  Rather unpleasant tactics.

  20. Amandeep Singh Randhawa says:

    mate he said (Restoring to pre-5.0 firmwares with saved blobs will still be possible (but you’ll soon start to need to use older iTunes versions for that).

  21. Randon0115 says:

    I’m currently on a jailbroken 4.3.3 with an iPhone 4.  If I have a blob saved for 5.0 will I be able to upgrade to 5.0 after 5.01 is released?

  22. Hi, 
    One more case : 
    I have an ipad 2 4.3.3 jailbraken. I have iOS 5.0 SHSH saved. 
    If apple release iOS 5.1 , will I be able to upgrade to iOS 5.0  ? 
    Thanks in advance.

  23. same question for me. 

    I have an ipad 2 4.3.3 jailbraken. I have iOS 5.0 SHSH saved. 
    If apple release iOS 5.01 , will I be able to upgrade to iOS 5.0  ? 

    I want to know if i need to update it to iOs 5, to be able to jailbreak it with Richard Miler flaw. !

  24. my question is that i am on 4.3.5,i would like to upgrade to 5.0 in itunes,but it has the 5.0.1 update,and when i try to upgrade with the 5.0 firmware,it says not eligible for the requested there a way to get 5.0 on my iphone iphone  is jailbroken and factory unlocked.any help to get me to 5.0 would be appreciated

  25. There is currently no jailbreak for iOS 5.0 on iPad 2, and it is impossible to update to 5.0 from 4.3.3 since iOS 5.0.1 has been released. If you still want it jailbroken, I wouldn’t recommend updating right now.

  26.  Only works for 3gs.

  27.  No solution at the moment.  You missed it.

  28. Rosel_player says:

    u cannot downgrade ur baseband. w8 for the new gevey compatible with 4.11.8 bb….!!!

  29. FfasudaIIAdgiua says:

    i can still click erase all contents an settings on iphone a do fresh install on of iOS 5 lol

  30. Greenzone560 says:

    you can still jailbreak 5.0.1 with redsn0w b8…just use the 5.0 firmware when jailbreaking(extras section)

  31. You can only restore to iOS 4.x (with SHSH blobs) or the latest iOS 5.x

    e.g. You can’t restore from 5.0.1 –> 5.0.
    But you CAN restore from 5.x –> 4.x
    (You can’t restore to ANY iOS 5 version except the latest one.)

    Read before you post.

  32. Hey guys I have a question
    I’ve iOS 5 on iphone 4 and I also have my shsh saved for 4.3.3
    So is that possible if I downgrade to 4.3.3 and then again come back to
    iOS 5 once the untethered jailbreak is out

  33. Ian Aflack says:

    well, i just restored my iPad using tiny umbrella with 5.0.1…i know this doesn’t seem like important news, but on my jailbroken phone, i noticed cydia is now caching 5.0.1 blobs. i was skeptic at first, but i was curious. so i tried an experiment. I started tiny umbrella’s tss server and tried to restore my ipad2 without a blob, it didn’t work (because it was trying to get permission from the private server that didn’t have blobs, not apple.) next i saved my 5.0.1 blob, and tried again, the restore worked! so perhaps this means we can downgrade to 5.0.1 once 5.1 is released?! save yo blobs now! especially 4s ipad2 owners, pod2g & his new team have found a userland exploit that will allow an untetherd a5 jb (release this week?)

  34. Hello, I updated my iPhone 4 into the newest firmware 5.0.1 but I did not save my previous SHSH, will I be able to downgrade back to 4.3.3 or anything?
    Please help!

  35. nop… just jailbreak 5.0.1 while you can…

  36. I did it :L

  37. factory unlocked phone doesn’t show network or says invalid sim after update firmware from 5.0.1 to 5.1 is there any possibility that i can downgrade it to my previous version?

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