How To: Bypass The Time Warner Cable App Jailbreak Restriction [FakeTimeWarner]

If you have been using the Time Warner Cable application on your iPad after Jailbreaking it, you may have realized you are no longer able to use the application. This is because the folks over at Time Warner have decided to build Jailbreaking detection into their application that by default stops Jailbroken users from using the Time Warner Cable application. Engadget received the screenshot shown below that depicts how Time Warner is stopping Jailbroken users from using their application.

While this restriction may have stumped the Jailbreaking Community for a few days a developer who goes by the name of @Crossingman has decided to take matters into their own hands and develop a tweak that can bypass this restriction. FakeTimeWarner (FTW) is now available through Cydia in the BigBoss repo for FREE that will allow you to get past this restriction and use the Time Warner Cable application on your Jailbroken iPad.

Let us know if this tweak allowed you to once again use the Time Warner Cable application on your Jailbroken iPad in the comments section below.

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  1. Killerdog says:

    I was able to see the shows but didn’t hear any sound from any show. Restarted iPad and still didn’t work.

  2. Worked right out. The guide won’t connect to my cable box, but life goes on. God bless you sir, for your rapid and hard work.

  3. Thank you SOOO MUCH! This app works like a champ now! Much better than the previous version! To even think Time Warner cable was expecting people to downgrade their device for their app just boggles my mind! Glad I didn’t restore my iPad, thank god I was thinking and google searched it first!

  4. Gonzalocondes says:

    Thank you very much for your help!!!
    It WOrKS

  5. need one for the optimum cable app now

  6. works

  7. Crammed174 says:

    worked like a charm, latest update app 10/27

  8. Anyone have any info on how I can watch the Time Warner Cable app on my ipod touch?

  9. snoopy the crested gecko says:


  10. OrangeSVTguy says:

    Confirmed working on a Jailbroken iPhone 4s

  11. I’m hoping that if it works on a Jailbroken iPhone 4s, then it might work on my ipod touch – do you have the instructions or can you point me to where they are? Thx

  12. Confirmed working on Jailbroken iPhone4

  13. Pillerjoe says:

    Awesome! works on my freshly jailbroken Ipad2 running IOS 5.0.1! I previously had used some app called FuckTimeWarner cable when I was running 4.3, but this is so easy, dwl directly from cydia and launch, that’s it. Again Fuck you time warner for preventing me from watching tv on my ipad when I pay $200 a month!!

  14. Thanks guys, it worked !

  15. thank you so much thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank yyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuu

  16. DKelly20 says:

    Works perfectly! You rock!

  17. Ralphdmullins says:

    OMG It works great Thank you so much
    iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 4 

  18. i jailbreaked my ipod 4g but then found out i can’t use TWC TV and restored it. But if it works on iPod Touch 4G 5.1.1 please let me know

  19. Downloaded. Installed. Works. Thanks to the dev and thanks for the article. -Jailbroken 5.1.1 iPhone 4

  20. Works great on my ipad 3. Thanks dev team. Still trying to figure out what the extra goodie is thou. :)

  21. jay freeman says:

    thank u but they change the name to fuck time waner ftw

  22. Unable to download onto iPad 1 using Cydia. Error: “Sorry, your handset is not supported.”

  23. Kingdaddee says:

    Can you display on an external device with the jailbroken TWC app?

  24. Does anyone know of a tweak that will the live tv streaming to work outside of the home network?

  25. Johnny Boy says:

    Works with 6.1 JB. Nice work!

  26. Nitrousbird says:

    Just added to my JB 6.1 iPhone 5…works as always. Don’t forget to create a VPN on your home computer so you can stream away from home as well.

  27. Chicolac3 says:

    Didn’t work on my ipad 3rdgen 6.1 or iPhone 5 6.1

  28. Is there a tweak that works with all apps that have the same detection? I’m using Skype and iHomework and they both detect my iphone 5 iOS 6.1 to be jailbroken.

  29. OrangeSVTguy says:

    Any way to remove the airplay limitation and not block video in the TWC app when playing on an ATV?

  30. A little late.. Yes with a tweak on Cydia called Display Out. That is currently the only tweak supported in ios 6.x. The rest only work with ios 5.x. Also unfortunately, Display Out is not free.

  31. Worked perfect on a ipad 3rd gen with iOS 6.1. Thanks for the tip and yes FTW

  32. Fish_Taco says:

    Wondering the same thing

  33. Antzboogie says:

    Help its not working anymore. After I updated the app through the App Store. :(

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