Download RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 For Mac OS X And Windows To Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered

Earlier this morning we told you hacker Pod2G’s Untethered iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak was released in the forms of Corona, RedSn0w and PwnageTool. If you are interested in Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Untethered on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware you can download RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 for Mac OS X and Windows. RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 supports all iOS Devices that can run the iOS 5.0.1 firmware, except the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 Supports: 

  • iPhone 4 (GSM and CDMA)
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • First Generation iPad
It is important to keep in mind that RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 can only Jailbreak the iOS 5.0.1 firmware Untethered and not the iOS 5.0 firmware Untethered. We suggest upgrading to the iOS 5.0.1 firmware now, and then using RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 to Jailbreak Untethered. Another thing to keep in mind, as the iPhone Dev-Team points out, if you unlock via UltraSn0w or Gevey, make sure you only update to the 5.0.1 firmware using a custom IPSW file that RedSn0w can create for you.

For all of you already Jailbroken Tethered on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware you can use RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 and Re-Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without checking the install Cydia option when you get to the Jailbreak options page.

When you are ready, you can download RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 from the iJailbreak Downloads Section. Additionally you can use one of the download links below:

Download RedSnow 0.9.10b1 for Mac OS X

Download RedSnow 0.9.10b1 for Windows

We will have How To guides for Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Untethered on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware using RedSn0w 0.9.10b1 shortly. Don’t forget to share any questions you may have or relevant thoughts in the comments section below and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for more updates if you have not already.

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  • DakotaByington

    I did it. my phone boots, but my BiteSMS isn’t working, Fakecarrier isn’t working. WTF?

  • Emilio_rosario

    Imessage is having probs and standard sms too.

  • Scarytutor


  • Bryce Sperling

    so there are some bugs i assume? I’m about to update from 4.2.1 to 5.0.1 and since I havent updated in a while I forgot how I used to get all fo my jailbreak stuff from firmware to firmware… I did the best i could and copy/saved all of the important stuff to my laptop but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna forget stuff… I’m gonna be spendind a good few days putting back all of my cydia tweaks and apps individually since I wasn’t able to reliably use any other method….this should be fun…

  • Pinball

    Wow – great news and sure to donate – btw all the jailbreakers waiting for the untethered jb must be downloading 5.0.1 from apple – 20meg broadband connection saying 3hrs to download!

  • Pinballb

    I have had that problem in the past – never figured out why one machine would work and one would not……

  • Knile Tkisla Kkre

    GREAT JOB!It’s working perfectly!!! Though I had some error with redsnow, since I jailbroke with with redsnow 0.9.9.b7 every time I tried jailbroke again with some newer redsnow, It shows me some windows error on phaze one…I just switched computers and It worked normally any1 knows what that could be?

  • Mmmhmmm!

    If you rely on unlock or gevey sim to use your iPhone 4, please do some more research. I cant remember properly but i am doing the same reesearch. I suggest uou try to save ur bshsh blobs first.

  • Cvjhn

    fuck you it doesnt downlaod

  • Joshiefredericks

    why do you have to pay?

  • Ediekhaus21

    Did the untethered jailbreak everything seems good..

    only issue non of my themes, tweaks, etc…. dont work? why i did this jailbreak when i already had a tethered 9.9.9b version of redsnow?

  • Ediekhaus21

    any one know why i lost all my stuff=  i thought i could just switch from tethered to untethered without losing all my tweaks and stuff any way of getting them to work?

    funny thing is they are still located in my sources on cydia everything is on my springboard but, non of them are located in my general options

    for example a tweak i downloaded mim which allows you to change the carrier name to whatever you want is still on my phone but when i try to respring nothing happends…..

  • Sharoncrystal

    mine gets stuck on the waiting to reboot screen wats going on i have an ipod touch 4g

  • Qwallenfang

    mine does too same device

  • Joshuaswagg12


  • Craig

    Stuck on reboot screen……Can i get some help please

  • bigboot

    so does mine, same device

  • Darren Chiu

    i can’t download it what do i do

  • Chnaruysal

    How i can download games like fruit ninja i downloaded and set it up the redsnow 0.91ob1

  • КуКуся

    help please … when I add any source to cydia .. it asks me to reboot the device  but when I reboot it … it will not work again and I have to do a restore to the device
    I have an Iphon4G

  • Bryan Lindsay

    same here

  • victor

    same here

  • Ryankoekemoer

    awesome its just moving apps

  • Ryankoekemoer

    its taking ages to moves apps

  • Johnny Borges00

    mine wont turn on

  • Shaunbaldwin99

    thankyou very much 

  • Matias56

    it says on my ipod touch 4g that the build is unrecognized to use the right support for my 5.1

  • Matias56

    can someone help me im having trouble getting redsnow 0.9.10b1 to build my device it says that its not supported by that redsnow on my ipod 4g 5.1 version

  • guest

    how do i download the software

  • Discuss

    Im Having Problem installing Installous