How To: Flash ROMOW EXTREME ROM For The Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 [GUIDE]

Custom ROMs have been giving a new look to Android devices thanks to the talented developer community. They add a change of appearance, improved performance, and new features to your device. A new ROM has been released for the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 that is definitely worth checking out.

The new ROM is called the ROMOW EXTREME ROM. It was developed by XDA Developers’ member mowo. This new ROM has been deodexed and zipaligned, with the addition of BusyBox, Superuser and other tweaks that give a boost to battery life/performance. It has an improved task manager, with an extended power menu and many other features. The ROM has removed the bloatware (unnecessary applications) as well, which means it occupies less space on the device.

How To Flash ROMOW EXTREME ROM For Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 [GUIDE]


  • This guide is only for the Samsung Galaxy S III model number GT-i9300.
  • This guide is to be followed at the users own risk. iJailbreak won’t take responsibility for any loss or damages if anything unfortunate occurs.
  • Read the whole guide before you perform the “actual” procedure. The guide will be easy for users who are familiar with flashing custom ROMs
  • Charge the battery of your device properly, because if the device shuts down during the process it may never start again.

What You Will Need

  • Samsung Galaxy S III with ClockworkMod Recovery installed.
    • Read the guide on how to install the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery (link).
    • Download ROMOW EXTREME ROM to your computer (link).
    • 70% battery charge is essential to ensure the procedure can be completed without the phone shutting down.
    • Backup all of your data, this means everything on your phone. This procedure will erase everything. 

Instructions To Flash ROMOW EXTREME ROM

  1. Copy the ROMOW ROM to your Galaxy S III’s internal SD card.
  2. Shutdown your Galaxy S III and hold down the Volume up, Home, and Power buttons to boot into recovery mode.
  3. Create a NANDroid backup by selecting Backup and Restore, and then selecting the Backup option. This is just a precaution as the new ROM may not work out for you, and you may want to revert back to the previous ROM.
  4. Select the option for ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’; confirm this action on the screen. Now select the option for ‘Wipe Cache’, and confirm the action on the screen.
  5. Select the ‘Advanced’ option and select ‘Wipe Dalvik’ Cache.
  6. Select the ‘Install ZIP from SD card’ > ‘Choose ZIP from SD card’, and then select the ROMOW ROM file. Upon doing this the actual installation will start.
  7. Select ‘Go Back’ > ‘Reboot System Now’.

Wait for a few minutes and allow the Galaxy S3 to boot into the new ROMOW EXTEREME ROM. That’s about it. Feel free to leave any thoughts or questions in the comments below.

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