YouTubeToMp3: Convert YouTube Music Videos Into MP3 Files The Easy Way! [Cydia Tweak]

YouTubeToMp3 was a Cydia tweak that was actually released a couple weeks back, but we still thought it would be a great idea to share it with all of you! What is YouTubeToMp3? Well it is a very useful Cydia tweak for all of you readers who watch music videos on YouTube. As what YouTubeToMp3 actually does, is it allows you to convert YouTube music videos into high quality MP3 files which you can play directly in the YouTubeToMp3 app. I personally found this to be a very useful tweak, because generally if I hear about a new song I will go YouTube it first and then purchase/download it. While now I can just launch the YouTubeToMp3 app and download it directly to my iDevice.

Once you have a few songs in your library, you can either listen to them directly, as I said before, email them to yourself, or access them via SSH from the following directory:

/ var / mobile / Media / Downloads

If you interested in trying out YouTubeToMp3 it is available for FREE via Cydia! Let us know your thoughts on YouTubeToMp3, if you decide to try it out.

Note: iJailbreak do not condone nor support the illegal downloading of music, or breach of copyright. All content in this post, and on the site, are displayed for educational purposes only and it is down to the specific individual how these tools are utilized. You have been warned!

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