VirtualHome Cydia Tweak Utilizes TouchID As A Virtual Home Button

Developer Moeseth, behind tweaks like TwikaFly has teased a new tweak called VirtualHome for the iPhone 5s that utilizes TouchID as a virtual home button in the sense that you don’t need to actually press the home button to exit out of apps. Instead you simply place your finger gently on the home button like you are scanning your finger.

Moseth tweeted that the features he is working on so far for the tweak include “tap once for home, tap and hold for multitasking bar and unlock phone without pressing anything (just tap sensor).” He further went on to state that he is just testing its effects on battery life and then it will be released as a freebie.

You can take a look at a video preview of the tweak below:

This is the second tweak we have seen teased that utilizes the TouchID sensor on the iPhone 5s. The first was a tweak that locked apps and required your identification utilizing TouchID to open them.

Who’s excited for TouchID Cydia tweaks?

Update: The tweak has been released and is a free download from the BigBoss repo.

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  1. tihomirbg says:

    seems like it’s not working

  2. tihomirbg says:

    posted too fast, it works 100%
    using this all the time, would it mess up the touch id sensor though?

  3. Dont Hurt touch id?!?

  4. I thought of that but then I started thinking that we actually use the sensor every time we press the home button ! so I guess its the same result

  5. tihomirbg says:

    Makes sense.

  6. actually it doesnt really use the finger print.. cz u can use it with any finger

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