LockLauncher Updated To Version 2.0 With iOS 6 And iPhone 5 Support

The popular Cydia tweak LockLauncher was updated to version 2.0 with compatibility for the iOS 6 firmware generation. In case you haven’t heard of the LockLauncher Cydia tweak before essentially it allows you to place app icons on your lockscreen for quick access to them.

Once you install LockLauncher you will be able to select any application and place it on your lockscreen for quicker access. This means instead of having to always unlock your device to find the Messages application, for example, you can simply place it on your lockscreen and get immediate access to it.


LockLauncher will definitely save you some time and increase your productivity! Among other things, in LockLauncher 2.0 you can expect iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support, a fixed for icon sizes and positions and numerous other things you can read about in the changelog below…

  • Updated For iOS 6 and 4-inch screen devices.
  • Fixed Icon Sizes and Positions.
  • Icon Badges and Labels Support.
  • Added KillSwitch, User Guide, Position in settings.
  • Overall improved Performance, Settings and functionality.

If you are interested in LockLauncher v2.0 you can find it in the BigBoss repo for a price of $1.99. If you already purchased LockLauncher it is a free upgrade to version 2.0. Let us know what you think of the tweak in the comments.

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  1. Tmargo101 says:

    what theme is that?

  2. Damian W says:

    Quicdo could do this and much more since day 1 for ios6

  3. ayecon

  4. not working on iphone 4 :(

  5. Some tweaks are good and worth the money but 2 dollars for this is not worth it. The majority of people buy Springtomize which allows you to view the NC on the lock screen, combined with a simple, FREE tweak called AppsCenter you have any apps you want available on the lock screen so I certainly won’t be stumping up to pay for this.

  6. Ethyn Resausk says:

    Just crashes into safe mode on 4S. And others have said the same with older generations. Looks like he made it only compatible with iP5 if anything lol.

  7. jeffrey says:

    stfu .. crashes just like locklauncher :)

  8. Jeffrey says:

    the problem is lockinfo :)

  9. Damian W says:

    Clearly you are a retard who probably uses cracked version. Good luck you moron. Btw it never, not even once crashed my phone or iPad.

  10. Ethyn Resausk says:

    Cracked or not it does not make a difference with tweak function at all. People who upload a cracked version is just a reupload of the real package whether its xsellize, instanlyi, hackyouriphone, etc. Nothings modified to the “Cracked” version of the tweak itself.

  11. Damian W says:

    Some tweak like CHIP crash your phone if you have cracked version. It has something to do with DRM, other tweaks are disabled.

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