Display Live Weather Conditions On The Weather App With LiveWeatherIcon

A new Cydia tweak has recently been released call LiveWeatherIcon which you won’t want to miss.

As its name suggests the LiveWeatherIcon Cydia tweak will transform the weather icon on your iPhone to display the current weather conditions. This is more or less the same idea as the Clock icon in which it displays to you the current time.

LiveWeatherIcon Cydia Tweak

In the case of LiveWeatherIcon, however, it prevents you from having to open the Weather app to check the local weather. You will instead be able to get a quick summery just by looking at the icon. So for example it would display to you the current temperature, but also the weather condition as an overlay on the icon.

LiveWeatherIcon Cydia Tweak Example

There are no configurable options associated with this tweak and you can find it on the BigBoss repo for $1. Drop us a line if you try it out in the comments section below.

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  • Tom Ellis

    This is a great little tweak. There are a couple things that WeatherIcon did that supposedly the developer is going to add in future updates:
    1) The Ability to theme whatever icon you would like
    Workaround for Yahoo! Weather:
    A) Place iOS Weather where your Yahoo! Weather Icon is (Hide/folder Yahoo! Weather)
    B) Download Cydia tweak Yahoo! Weather is Better
    C) That is it
    2) Display the temperature on the status bar

  • Farids

    It’s such a great tweak. It has minor bugs though that I’m sure will be fixed in future updates. It occasionally resprings my 16Gig iPhone 5.