IntelliscreenX And LockInfo Updates For iOS 7 Will Be Coming Soon

Two popular Jailbreak tweaks for the lockscreen are IntelliscreenX and LockInfo. Both of these tweaks bring some powerful functionality to the lockscreen such as overlaying the notification center, toggles and even widgets.

IntelliScreenX iOS 7

If you have been hoping to install one of these tweaks on your Jailbroken device running iOS 7 then you will be glad to know that both IntelliscreenX and LockInfo will soon be updated for compatibility with the new OS. The official announcements from the tweaks respective developers came soon after the iOS 7 jailbreak was released via the Twitter.

If you remember back to the transition from iOS 5 to iOS 6, the developer of IntelliscreenX charged an upgrade fee of $4.99 to existing owners due to the amount of work required to port the tweak to the new OS. This time around, however, it looks like the jump from IntelliscreenX 6 to 7 will be free.

As for LockInfo there are not many details regarding what will happen price wise so we will just have to wait and see.

What other Cydia tweaks are you looking forward to being updated for iOS 7? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Annie Nonymous

    BatteryDoctorPro, CallBar, f.lux, five icon dock, icleaner pro, 3g/4g unrestrictor

  • Rob

    iCleaner Pro has a beta version for iOS 7 available already ;)

  • Corey

    f.lux is available also.. just so ya know.

  • Kevin McCarthy

    LockInfo is the sole reason why I’m still on 6.1.2

  • CaluPT

    Same here.

  • Elliott Kipper

    Me too.

  • Jailbroken ios7

    5 icon, unrestrictor and call bar are all upgraded and work on iOS 7

  • Appdroid

    Dashboard x??

  • Jason Lazzara

    I get it, but you know a lot of what you get from LockInfo is baked into iOS 7. Plus it is a lot nicer to look at. I was using LockInfo for a few years, switched to IntelliscreenX for stability and more frequent updates. tried LockInfo again when the updated and found it to be ugly, buggy and a general pain in the ass.

  • Kevin McCarthy

    I just need to have favorite contacts on the lock screen and then I’ll be happy, I guess it’s all about personal preference really..

  • Kenneth Plas

    iOS5 users have to pay again? dude that’s not fair

    If i had a chance to update to iOS6 before buying ISX i would but it was nog possible, so i was stuck with iOS5 or iOS7 (un-jailbreakable then) …
    I think it’s not fair to punish people like me .

  • Frank

    Would a few dollars hurt you? These developer spend a lot of time writing these programs, I think them only asking for $5 is more than generous.

  • Kenneth Plas

    ofc not, but i recently (not even 1 year ago) payed for it on iOS5 so i mean pay again … but you’re right intelliscreenX7 will be so much better