Download iOSOpenDev 1.0.1 Featuring Numerous Bug Fixes [Create Cydia Tweaks In Xcode]

iOSOpenDev was released recently and allows developers to create Cydia tweaks using the official Apple SDK environment. Which, will reduce the learning gap generally associated with transitioning into creating software for the Jailbreak community. This will either result in more beneficial Cydia tweaks being developed and released because of the attracted new talent, or will result in a large wave of poorly designed Cydia tweaks released by first time programmers.

Download iOSOpenDev 1.0.1

Today iOSOpenDev was updated to version 1.0.1 and features numerous improvements to stability due to the patching of several bugs. You can take a look at the changelog for iOSOpenDev in the quoted area below:

  • Installer’s “Dependency Tools” option will no longer try to install dpkg (and MacPorts if needed). This was causing too many problems for end-users. The MacPorts and dpkg installations were failing too often.
  • Installer’s “Set up latest iOS SDK” option will (intentionally) fail if dpkg-deb is not found.
  • Installer’s “Dump SDK Header Files” option is not selected by default. End-users were experiencing high processing time for this option and dumping of header files can be done with the iosod tool anyways.
  • Added an “Import Information” message in the installer in hopes it’s actually read!
  • Added missing quotes around variables in iosod tool in hopes to resolve an issue when a project has a space in its path.
  • “Unsetting” language in all scripts which may be the cause of a possible grep issue.

If you would like to download and use iOSOpenDev you will need to make sure you meet the requirements of running either Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7, having Xcode 4.x installed and also MacPorts properly compiled to install dpkg. You can download iOSOpenDev from the iJailbreak Downloads Section or from one of the direct download links below:

Download iOSOpenDev 1.0.1 (Mac OS X)

Let us know what you think of this update of iOSOpenDev in the comments section below. Is it more stable?

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