Cysource Is A New Cydia Repository With No Ads And A Comments Section

There is a new Cydia repository in town folks and it is called Cysource. Why are we reporting on Cysource when there is no doubt new Cydia repositories appearing everyday? Well, Cysource happens to be unique. You see, CySource is a repository that is ad-free. As the repository is ad-free it will provide a better user experience and of course decrease loading times.

Ads on Cydia are of course in most repositories to help pay the cost of servers. If Cysource is able to survive without advertisements it could definitely attract a large userbase in a relatively short amount of time; especially when the Jailbreak for newer devices like the iPhone 5 comes out. Yet another pro to Cysource is that it has a comments section for every tweak. In the past other large repositories tried allowing comments or reviews (whatever you want to call them), but unfortunately took the functionality out due to spam. It will be interesting to see whether Cysource can pull it off in the long term.


Developers will be glad to hear that Cysource apparently has a 24 hour turnaround time for package submission, which is a big improvement over most repositories.

At this current time there is only 12 packages on Cysource, but this number is expected to grow. The packages currently hosted include Action Menu, Thor and PanoramaSupport. It will definitely be interesting to see where Cysource goes. In the mean time if you would like to add Cysource to your sources list the URL is:

Developers can submit packages to Cysource by clicking here. Let us know what you think of Cysource in the comments section below.

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  • It’s Happening

    Great effort I like their elegance and straight thought

  • Dani Hayes

    I had to delete it as would crash cydia when I would download from it. I even had to reinstall cydia and forcibly clear cysource. Be warned.

  • Jay Freeman (saurik)

    MacCiti, one of the default repositories, is also ad-free (although they share servers with ZodTTD, which is not, so you have to pay attention to the branding); reading this article would makes it sound like all repositories, or even just all default repositories, are ad-laden, when that isn’t the case. MacCiti also happens to have a very fast turn-around time on packages (something they can do as they specialize in themes; BigBoss, in comparison, specializes more in Tweaks, and it takes them a while to proof the packages and test these kinds of products).

    As for CySource, they were distributing copyrighted content earlier today (a Nintendo ROM, one of Apple’s stock apps, and Action Menu: a package from Ryan Petrich rebranded as from CySource that they were not authorized to distribute) and ended up with a repository warning (since removed, as they removed these packages after various people in the developer community–including myself and Ryan–sent them complaints).

  • Ihateengadgetcommentsystem

    Nice to see you reading the same pages i read. Wish you the best in 2013 and hope the guys behind the jailbreak for ios had good luck this year. Thank you Jay Freeman for cydia and your hard work