With This Tweak You’ll Never Have To Let Anyone Borrow Your iPhone Again

Let’s be real. When you first get your iPhone you are pretty protective over it, heck sometimes this protectiveness never goes away. If you’re a protective iPhone owner when someone wants to borrow your handset it is probably safe to say you cringe while trying to come up with some excuse.

CCFakeLowBattery Cydia Tweak

Well with the CCFakeLowBattery Cydia tweak you no longer have to worry. What this tweak does is add a new button to the control center which allows you to toggle the charged status of the battery level. So you can simply enable the toggle and then tell whoever just asked you to use your iPhone that it’s about to die.

There’s a Reddit thread on this tweak with people arguing over the effectiveness of this tweak, but it’s worth a shot. You can find CCFakeLowBattery for CCToggles in the BigBoss repo for free.

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  1. Awesome tweak…. :D

  2. really good idea

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