RecBoot 1.1: No More LibUSB! – Kick Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Into And Out Of Recovery Mode [Windows/Mac OS X/Linux]

Ever come across a situation where it was required to get in and out of recovery Mode? Let’s say to jailbreak or run a specific application. Maybe you’ve broken the Home button? Stuck in Recovery Mode? or don’t know how to enter recovery mode? RecBoot is a one click, fast solution utility, which allows you to kick the connected iDevice(s) into and out of recovery mode.

Joshua Bailey has updated RecBoot to v1.1: no longer requires libUSB. Here’s the full description:

I’ve been getting TONS of emails from people saying that RecBoot wasn’t working for them because of libusb. This update makes RecBoot use iTunnel instead of iRecovery, which is based around MobileDevice.h, which means no libusb!

If you wish to enter Recovery Mode, however, you will need to download and place iTunesMobileDevice.dll in the RecBoot folder. I cannot provide this due to legal reasons. I could have made RecBoot point to the DLL from the registry, but I’m not going to, it’s just a quick open source thing I created for the community that isn’t a big deal,  feel free to do whatever you want with it, use the batch files and everything else in the folder. The source code can be downloaded here. RecBoot is yours now, I’m not going to be spending all my time on a program that opens a batch file.

iHacker also mentioned that the next update to RecBoot would mike it interact with MobileDevice.h, which he’s been chatting with iH8sn0w to get this done. We’ll keep you posted on updates.


Download Recboot v1.1 (Windows)
Download Source code

Mac and Linux users read here for RecBoot v1.0.2.

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  • PP

    <3 <3 <3 (there's no other way to tell u how much this helped)

  • ewoudenberg

    You’re a complete lifesaver bro …

  • rico

    hi…i´ve tried this software, but starting the moment i press the “exit recovery mode” my iphone 3gs, tries to get out the recovery mode, but it never manages to do it…
    i don´t understand…..
    the message”recovery _connect_callback” and “recovery _disconnect_callback” keeps showing and showing and………………

  • Mona

    same here, does any1 no anythn tht can help us??

  • guesttt

    locate your itunesmobiledevice.dll file in program files/common files/apple/mobile device support. copy it and paste in the folder where recboot is. …. I have the white screen of death and this didnt help me. but at least its out of recovery mode because theres no error message in itunes.

  • For

    this worked for me after trying different versions of recboot and no luck!! this is the one if you have widows 7 64. thanks!!!!!!

  • Suz

    Holy Hell dude! After watching way too many stupid YouTube videos and getting nowhere (except sore fingers from pressing buttons, depressing, counting, rubbing my stomach, and standing on one foot), your friggin’ app rocked it.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKKKK YOUUU!! Where’s the donate button? :-)

  • guest

    Iphone 3g starts exiting recovery mode but about 10 seconds after apple logo appears it just turns off and on and I’m back to the itunes usb logo,