MobileTerminal v4.26 Has Been Released For The iOS4 [Official]

**Updated See Below. If you have been looking for Mobile Terminal for the iOS4, you would have had no luck because currently it has not been updated for the iOS4 firmware. However this limitation has now been lifted because the author has update MobileTerminal to be iOS4 compatible. In this new version of MobileTerminal, the developer used page curl, which is a private API, to allow the opening of multiple pages simultaneously. Some other cool features of this new Mobile Terminal is copy and paste commands between pages, The ability to easily be brought to a list of most common commands by tapping a blue arrow in the corner of the screen. Don’t see a command you use a lot in the predefined commands tab? Well you can also predefine your own frequently used commands in this new version of MobileTerminal.

The only downside to this new version of Mobile Terminal is that it is not an official release (meaning it is currently not available in Cydia..yet). You will need to do a manual installation to install Mobile Terminal V4.26 to your iPod Touch or iPhone. If you do not know how to install a .deb file manually check out this well written tutorial. You can download the .deb file of mobileterminal and install it to your iDevice if you are interested in testing this iOS4 compatibly version of MobileTerminal.

**UPDATE: Learn How To Install Mobile Terminal Through Our Repository! No More Manual Installation!

I personally have not run into many errors using this new version of MobileTerminal and I like the ability to copy and paste it makes things a lot faster. What are your thoughts on this new version of MobileTerminal?

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  • Allen Porter

    I am the person who released this version of mobile terminal — I am also the author of the original mobile terminal. Why don’t you think this is an official release?

  • StanHell

    Oh I am sorry Allen I wrote this post early this morning and must of not read my sources information correctly hehe. I will fix the post, great job with this version of MobileTerminal BTW and thanks for the fast update!

  • Chili

    Thanks for this! It works great for me.

  • Craig

    When is this expected to be available on cydia?

  • StanHell

    Hello Craig,
    sorry for the late reply was on a road trip the last couple days, however it is actually available on Cydia as of now. It should just be under Mobile Terminal; no name change but it is updated!

  • Killican

    As of today, 07.05.2010 no update in Cydia for Mobile Terminal for iOS4. It’s still set for version 364.1-10.

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  • jake

    I finally got it working (after manually installing – Cydia has old version) and i have a problem. When I go into the Preferences menu, I can see Menu, Gestures, etc. but if i tap them, nothing happens (they do turn blue).

    Any ideas? I can’t use MobileTerminal until I can use the gestures to ^A and other Control-key combinations!

    Thank you

  • DeFlanko

    /private/var/tmp$ dpkg -i /tmp/MobileTerminal-426.deb
    (Reading database … 2057 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace mobileterminal 426 (using /tmp/MobileTerminal-426.deb) …
    Unpacking replacement mobileterminal …
    Setting up mobileterminal (426) …
    and hangs….
    Command ‘”./MobileTerminal-426.deb”‘
    failed with return code 2 and error message
    ./MobileTerminal-426.deb: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline’
    ./MobileTerminal-426.deb: line 1: `!’.

    should something extra be set?

  • DeFlanko

    OH SNAP… it did load it… weird… uh.. my bad?

  • Trent Foley

    @Allen Porter: Thanks for the great app – it has saved my skin many times

    As of 8/2/2010, Cydia is still installing 364.1-10 even though the description states that it is version 426.

    I installed 364.1-10 via Cydia and then installed the .deb package listed here which upgraded to 426. The program works beautifully (except the settings page is non-functional). I really like the ability to send ^C finally.

    The only problem I hit was the icon for the app is now a whitish alpha blend. Not sure if that is intentional or a result of some strangeness. Anyway, quite minor.

  • Tap

    Did you get gestures to work at all? When I tap the screen, it goes into select mode.

  • StanHell

    Unfortunately none of the settings are working yet, and not many of the gestures either. This version of MobileTerminal is still in its early stages, and we will need to wait for an update before we see more features working.

  • Ryan

    3GS latest OS Keep getting error
    “dependency problems – leaving unconfigured”
    and hangs…
    any ideas?

  • honeytoast

    Thanks! I was worried when terminal from cydia wouldn’t work since updating to os4, but it worked fantabulous

  • chris

    how do i use this version to download torrents? what are the commands please ?

  • StanHell

    I do not know off by heart the commands to download torrents, however I found a tutorial here. Scroll about a quarter of the way down:
    You can also use an app called dtunes in Cydia, that you may want to check out.

  • christian c

    can some one tell me how to do this, im a strait up noob at mobile terminal.this is using the new mobile terminal 4.26. i cant get this to work it keeps saying no such file or directory
    -in Terminal type: chmod 775 MapleThief then press [return]
    -in Terminal type: ldid -s MapleThief the press [return]
    -test your new hacked game


    I was able to get the mobile terminal 426 deb file on my iPod Touch although, when I attempted to type in password it does nothing and will not allow me to copy any paste the command. If anyone can help me out preferbly Allen Porter, it would be a big help.

  • Metal Geek

    Why aren’t preferences working? 3G/ 4.0.2/ redsnow

  • Nazar

    could you please help me i want to add route but when i enter the command it says command not found
    route add default gateway
    i am using this command plz help me i want add route beacuse without it my nets not working …

  • LFI

    i am trying to run a program through mobile terminal and background it, i was following a tutorial (was for 3.x firmware) and it said to type daemon to background, was the command to background changed? i appreciate any help i can get. thanks!

  • hofi

    starts few times on ios 4.1/3G, than never again, dies with “Fork: Resource Temporarily Unavailable” error :/

  • kyo

    touch 3 32g ios4.1 install mobileterminal-426 success.
    the ls command can use.
    but ping and ps can’t be used.
    i find
    ls /bin or /usr/sbin
    haven’t file of “ping or ps”

    另外设置那里的menu 、about这些菜单点击都打不开

  • IPhoneuser

    Works awesome!

  • jay

    First off… the Settings page does not work. you can’t (rather I can’t figure out how to) change any of the settings. Font, color, quick list, etc.

    Second… i miss the gestures for , -D, the arrow keys. i need all of these all the time. pretty worthless with out. maybe i’m missing something.

  • DSI

    No ping??? why?

  • Charhi

    Great! Thanks.
    It works perfectly.. well.. trying to change a route and don’t figure out.. but the gestures for the arrows and all the configurable stuff.. cool!
    I just miss getting the screen rolled… I can’t go back. would be a nice +.

  • David

    I loved the old one, but i don’t like this one. It’s just too difficult to do something more complicated

  • Guest


  • Djfoidsljkfklc

    The new Mobile Terminal sucks. The settings screen is totally broken. You can’t do any gestures, such as “up arrow” to repeat a previous command. Basically you can’t do anything easily that terminal users are used to. The popup box has useless shortcuts. The only good thing is that you can hide the keyboard. BUT THAT’S IT. The developer needs to pull his head out of his ass.

  • Thib

    I am not a fan either, it isn’t really working for me, is it for others? Menu … configuration, gestures … Nothing is ok. I installed it with the rep though. Maybe that’s where the problem is…