Learn How To Jailbreak your iPhone 4! [+ All iDevices Supported]

Well folks if you just read my last post, you would have just found out the the dev-team and comex have released a brand new iPhone 4 jailbreak. This jailbreak will not only jailbreak your iPhone, but all other iDevice such as the iPod Touch (MC and Non MC), iPhone 3GS and even the iPad! The jailbreak will be probably the most easy to use jailbreak, since back in the 1x days. This is because jailbreaking your iPhone 4 and any other iDevice is as simple as visiting a website! Yes, that is right all you need to do to jailbreak your iPhone 4 or any other iDevice running the iOS4 or iOS 4.0.1 firmware is visit a website.


Just to clarify one more time, this jailbreak will work on the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 1g,2g,3g (MC supported) as well as the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3g running iOS4 or iOS4.0.1. This jailbreak will even work on the iPad running 3.2 or 3.2.1!

Learning How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 [+ All Devices]

Step 1) – This jailbreak is so simple that really a tutorial isn’t even needed! However I am providing one anyways. The first thing you are going to need to do is click the big Jailbreak Me Now button on your iPhone 4 or other iDevice. The actual URL IS: http://jailbreakme.com.

jailbreak me now!

Step 2) – Once you have clicked the Jailbreak Me Now Button on your iDevice, you will need to simply slide to jailbreak your iDevice! **Note: The website is under extreme traffic right now and may even be down. You may need to wait awhile to access the site, however if you are persistent you will gain access to it.


Once you slide to jailbreak your iPhone 4 or other iDevice, Cydia will appear on your springboard and your iDevice will be successfully jailbroken. A Restart is not even required; Wasn’t that easy? This jailbreak took awhile to develop and was a product of hard work and dedication by comex and the dev-team. They work for free and expect nothing, so make sure if you ever bump into them on IRC, say thanks. Are you looking for an unlock? The iPhone 4 unlock will be released within 48 hours via Cydia. I will keep you updated when it is released! What are your thoughts on this new jailbreak?

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  1. this is an insanely easy process, thank you SO much! can’t get it to work on my iPad though…. iPhone is flawless

  2. TechGeek0077 says:

    Ok this is awesome! Buy now I have a white cydia icon :( what do I do to get the traditional cydia icon. iPod Touch 3G iOS4.

  3. thanks. i will try

  4. hey guys I was hoping you guys could help me with an issue on my phone.
    I have made the ultimate mistake of updating my iphone to 4.0.1 and now it is stuck on the emergency call screen.. i tried downgrading to 3.1.3 as i have shsh on 3.1.3 and 4.0..
    but now i cant even update back to 4.0 official firmware.. i have no idea what i did..if n e one can help it would be very much appreciated. thanks

  5. i forgot to say .. my phone is on an unofficial carrier.. i think it may be on AT&T but i am not in the states to get the sim card required for activation.

  6. StanHell says:

    Hmm that is very strange. 4.0.1 is supported by this jailbreak, however if your stuck and can’t restore back to 4.0, then try restoring with DFU mode. Follow this tutorial here:

  7. thanks stan, but my main problem is activating the device as it is locked to at&t and i dont have a sim, also i dont know of n e place to get a sim from australia.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. carmen puertas says:

    I me have put in the page of ijailbreakME 2.0 but llebo as two days trying q leave me to come out or to slide for the jailbreak but it does not leave me that I do?

  9. carmen puertas says:

    I me have put in the page of ijailbreakME 2.0 but I go as two days trying q leave me to come out or to slide for the jailbreak but it does not leave me that I do?

  10. Michael Hayes says:

    i no this is not jail breaking but i bought a ipod touch 1 gen from the pawn shop and it was locked and it’s telling to connect to i tunes but it wont find my device and well i realy dont want to pay for account to use 1 time so is there any other way to get it unlocked that i can do at home with out spending any money plez help me plez email me at [email protected] plez help me

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