Learn How to Jailbreak Your iDevice Untethered on the iOS4.2.1 Firmware! [RedSn0w 0.9.7b4]

About a week ago we told you that the Dev-Team were beta testing an untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak for MAC OSX. Now unfortunately because this untethered version of redsn0w was strictly meant for beta testing, there were a lot of bugs that would render this jailbreaking solution useless for most users. These bugs included various applications not working, random springboard crashes, bluetooth not functioning and much more. Due to the pure amount of bugs there were with this untethered beta of redsn0w, we decided not to write a tutorial on how to jailbreak your iDevice with it. Now however, as this untethered version of RedSn0w is nearing completion, the untethered jailbreak is extremely stable and we would deem it safe for use with your iDevice.

If you are seriously considering following this tutorial to jailbreak your iDevice untethered on the iOS4.2.1 firmware, you will need to ensure you understand the following things:

  • This Jailbreak is still in beta, not all the bugs have been sorted out
  • If you jailbreak with this beta version of RedSn0w, BLUETOOTH will still be disabled until the official release
  • This will only work on the MAC OSX operating System

If you read the above points, and still feel comfortable jailbreaking your iDevice with RedSn0w 0.9.7b4, lets begin…

Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is download RedSn0w 0.9.7b4.

Download RedSn0w 0.9.7b4 (MAC OSX)

Step 2) – Once you have downloaded RedSn0w 0.9.7b4 to your desktop, you will need to execute it.

Step 3) – Once RedSn0w is up and running, you will simply need to browse for the iOS 4.2.1 firmware that corresponds to your iDevice. Note: On MAC OSX, your iDevice’s firmware files are stored in the following directory: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates. If you can’t find your iDevice’s iOS 4.2.1 firmware file, you can download your corresponding firmware file by clicking here.

Once you succesfully select your firmware file through RedSn0w, a small box will pop up saying “Preparing jailbreak data”.

Step 4) – When RedSn0w has finished preparing the jailbreak data, you will be brought to a screen that features multiple checkboxes. You will only have to ensure that two of these checkboxes are enabled. Cydia (which is selected by default) must be enabled, and you must also click the checkbox that says “Jailbreak Monte (untether)”.

When you click the “Jailbreak Monte (untether)” button, another pop up box will appear asking you to locate the  4.2b3 IPSW file that corresponds to your iDevice you are currently trying to jailbreak. Now I know you are not going to have such a firmware file lying around on your computer, so you are going to need to download this firmware file. Google will be your friend ;)

Once you download the 4.2b3 IPSW, you can select it from RedSn0w, and click the next button to move on.

Step 5) – From this next screen the only thing left for you to do is put your iDevice into DFU mode. You will need to make sure that you turn your iDevice off, and you plug your iDevice into your MAC before clicking the next button.

Once you have done this, click the next button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 6) – Once your iDevice is into DFU mode, RedSn0w will handle the rest of the jailbreaking process. You just need to sit back and watch RedSn0w perform its jailbreaking magic. Once your iDevice is done being jailbroken, it will reboot and you should see Cydia on your SpringBoard.

If this beta version of RedSn0w worked for you, great! We will let you know if the dev-team releases a fix to re-enable bluetooth, so you do not need to re-jailbreak your iDevice when the dev-team officially release redsn0w, to gain back bluetooth functionality. Until then, please leave any questions/comments in the comments section below.

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  1. Jadeneastonellett says:

    Yeah this will work on all iDevices that are currently tethered!

  2. Do you have ipsw links for Apple TV?

  3. Hernan Casillas says:

    it works on ipad ?

  4. iPhoneZapper says:

    I get an error. Don’t I need my 4.2b3 shsh files saved on the cydia server?

  5. ViolentA79 says:

    Works great on my iphone4, but i am dying to get my bluetooth back for the car. Love the new cydia and so far everything’s been working fine. Will this also work on Apple TV?

  6. Yes. You must have been previously jailbroken, and have SHSH blobs saved for iOS 4.2beta3. This jailbreak is still just for developers, at this point.

  7. silly question – but do you need to resave the SHSH blobs everytime you jailbreak/update fw?

  8. You can, but Cydia will just grab them automatically. Always double check, before updating though.

  9. Murelitto says:

    how can I jailbreak never jailbraked brand iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1 before???
    Redsn0w ERROR – no SHSH on Cydia server.
    What now?

  10. Use Redsn0w 0.9.6rc7. It’s a great stable jailbreak, with everything working. Only issue is, it’s tethered.

  11. Murelitto says:

    OK. First I JB with 0.9.6rc7, and than can I re-jailbreaik again with untethered (RedSn0w 0.9.7b4) ???

  12. No. You’ll have to stay with the tethered jailbreak, until another solution is found.

  13. Murelitto says:

    Sorry for stupid questions, but i cant do this:

    1- JB with 0.9.6rc7 – Tethered but SHSH saved…
    2- iTunes restore ???? (i dont know)
    3- Jailbreak with RedSn0w 0.9.7b4

  14. No. To use 0.9.7beta4, you have to have iOS 4.2beta3 SHS blobs saved on Cydia. For that to happen, you would have had to install that firmware when it was out. You’re outta luck, for now. The tethered jailbreak is fine. I’m still using it.

  15. Murelitto says:

    yes but I have big problem with tethered JB. Im alwyas on the way without notebook. And i need always my phone. I call a lot an I charging my iPhone 2 times per day…

  16. Just don’t reboot your iPhone, and you’ll be fine.

  17. I get the same error as iPhoneZapper. But I DO have my 4.2b3 SHSH files saved. It says so in Cydia. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is?
    My Internet connection is perfect, tried it on 2 different macs.

  18. Skreenadix says:

    i jailbroke my ipod today using redsn0w and it keeps on flickering. is it because of the firmware version? (4.2.1)

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