Hackers Figure Out A Way To Install Cracked iOS Applications On Non-Jailbroken Devices

Last year we told you that Installous was going to be shut down for good, as its developers decided to call it quits after their forums went stagnant. Although Installous was without a doubt one of the biggest players an iOS app piracy, it is certainly not the end, as I mentioned previously.

Sure enough, today we have gotten word from TNW of quite a few new iOS piracy applications that can installed cracked apps on even non-Jailbroken devices. Perhaps one of the biggest players is an application called Zeusmos. Zeusmos is essentially a service that chargers users to download pirated applications. As TNW elaborates, “it charges this fee for a ‘cloud plan’ to install ‘cracked’ apps and to provide users with a license and provisioning profile that allows them to install these pirated apps.

Zeusmos was actually created by a 15-year old, who also has developed another product called InstaSign. This particular Mac-only application also allows you to also install cracked applications on your iOS device without Jailbreaking as well, but of course Zeusmos takes it to another level by essentially replicating Installous.


Like all services claiming to allow you to install apps without a Jailbreak, a developer UDID is required. To get around this, often times you are required to purchase a UDID activation from a 3rd party website, such as UDIDRegistrations.com (a site that also appears to be run by the same developer).

TNW was actually able to follow up with the developer of Zeusmos and apparently its actual intent is to solely code sign applications. He mentions that developers who have had their apps rejected in the App Store can distribute their apps through Zeusmos in its Exclusive Apps section. Whatever Zeusmos’ or other services out their have to say about their actual intent, unfortunately most people are going to be using it for one purpose — cracked applications.


I personally have mixed feelings on cracked iOS applications. On one hand I feel that a good portion of those who pirate iOS apps are underage and don’t have a credit card, or live somewhere where it might not be possible to legally purchase apps and as such developers aren’t really losing a momentous amount of sales. I also understand that it is still one of the largest frustrations out their for developers and some people really do just pirate applications because they can’t be bothered spending the $1.00. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. As long as those services are charged 99,9% of previous installous users won’t be interested. Most people using cracked apps aren’t willing to pay a single buck in their lifetime for their apps. People who could imagine paying for such a service are mostly already buying at least some apps legally.

  2. What i want to say : The Line isn’t blurry – it’s one way or the other.

  3. Fair enough, I dont have a credit card, Reason why i’ve done it. Though Most of my apps are free I have maybe 10 of the 84 apps on my phone that arent paid for. Now that installous is gone hope someone takes its place. I’ll say it again, pirating still has its benefits to the developer.

  4. I would love to crack some apps just to try the games. There is no option on the appstore and when you buy something and it doesnt work, then you stock with the app and your money lost. Its almost impossible to get your money back. Only if someone tells me apple wont find out about the crack apps on my device i will do it but i just dont want to take the chance. Other than than i think cracking is wrong but jailbreaking and customising your device is priceless. Keep up the jailbreak and let me know is there is a way to change your ip

  5. I do think that there should be a better way of testing apps that I might want to purchase. Cracked apps are the only way of trying something that doesn’t have a “Lite” or “Free” version in the AppStore. There has to be a way for developers, perhaps with Apple by their side, to offer and track X amount of time to use the full app before you have to pay for it without causing any issues with “invasion of privacy.”

  6. Sunny Day says:

    I live in a country where the only way to buy an iPhone is to get it from an importer or a factory thief. Where iPad 2 is bought like crazy not due to its popularity with people but rather the fact that nobody knows if they will ever get their hands on the new iPad or God forbid the iPad 4. My country isn’t even listed in the billing options and any attempt to register in the app store usually results in frustration. Until such things are fixed, my people will be jailbreaking their iOS devices and downloading the cracked apps as there simply is no other way.

  7. Hey, do you live somewhere in Asia or South America?

  8. Gersham Shams says:

    I feel the same… Many time I read awesome review of apps, get intrigued, then purchase it only to find out that it’s useless or not as useful as its conveyed to be

  9. Gersham Shams says:

    And there are allot of apps that offers similar functionality, I can’t buy them all to determine which one suits me best. So with cracked apps I can test out the apps and narrow it down to which one is favourable foe

  10. Michael Schnier says:

    It’s important to acknowledge the different routes to piracy, as it helps distinguish pirates from all jailbreakers.

  11. I agree completely. Trying before buying is the reason I like to be able to download a cracked app. If i like it, I have no issues with paying for it.

  12. Fucking faggots

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