Don’t Miss Checking Out The Evnt App On KickStarter


Things have been busy here around iJailbreak. Not only has the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak been released, but we have also been busy working on an KickStarter project called Evnt that we launched January 1st, 2014. Getting this far has been the result of many months of hard work and dedication, and we are excited to share Evnt with you. So […]

SolePower Wants To Allow You To Charge Your Smartphone With The Steps You Take In A Day

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 9.57.21 AM

We live in a world where we are so dependent on mobile devices like smartphones that keeping them charged and fully powered can sometimes to be a chore. This is where a new KickStarter project by the name of SolePower comes in. SolePower is a power generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics while you […]

SOSCharger Can Self Generate Power For Your iPhone And Other Mobile Devices [Kickstarter]


Here’s an accessory that could come very handy during emergency situations where your iPhone or other smartphone has run out of battery. No electrical outlets nearby? Not to worry. With the SOSCharger, you can self generate power to charge your mobile device and make that important call. Such devices that come with a built-in power […]

Kickstarter Releases Official App For The iPhone And iPod Touch, Download Now


Kickstarter has been around for quite some time now, but an official app for mobile devices was never there. Well, now there is one. Kickstarter has finally released an official app for the iPhone and iPod Touch; there is no support for the iPad as of now. The Kickstarter app is nothing like its web counterpart, […]

FlipSide Is A Sexy Bluetooth 4.0 iOS Gaming Controller With A 10 Year Battery Life


There is no shortage of game  controllers for your iOS device, but this particular game controller called FlipSide is worth your attention. FlipSide is a new KickStarter project that is going to be produced by a company called iDevices, which is the same company behind products like iGrill and iShower that are actually sold in the […]

Lockitron Promo Video Shows Off Smartphone-Powered Keyless Entry [VIDEO]


The idea of keyless entry into your home is one that hasn’t really caught on yet, which is surprising considering how ubiquitous it is in our cars these days. A company called Lockitron has plans to change that, however, as they’ve just thrown up a promo video for their new Bluetooth and Wi-Fi powered keyless […]

iControlPad2 Is An Open Source Control Pad For Touch Screen Tablets, Emulation, And Homebrew Games


The iControlPad2 is a followup to the iControlPad, which provides physical buttons to specially designed iPhone and Android games. In addition the iControlPad2 is also billed as the word’s first ‘open source controller.’ What this means is you will be able to use the iControlPad2 with your iPhone, Android device, a Raspberry Pi computer, or […]

BERO Is A Bluetooth-Controlled Open Source Robot


BERO is a Bluetooth controlled animatronic drone that is looking for backers on KickStarter. The project’s spokesperson is Michael Trzecieski, who has previously developed robot toys for Wowee and Desk Pets, and is looking to create an animatronic toy of his own. The project was initially modelled after Android’s robot icon, but after ambiguous talks with […]

Connectify’s Dispatch Kickstarter Allows You To Horde Multiple Internet Connections At Once


If you find yourself around a lot of weak Internet connections and wish you could bundle them into a stronger connection to speed up your downloads, you are not alone. I remember being on campus with a reliable but lackluster Ethernet connection, and a fast but flaky WiFi connection. With Connectify’s Dispatch, you can combine […]

Instacube Is A Picture Frame That Shows Your Instagram Feed [VIDEO]

Instagram 2.5 icon

In what’s probably a logical evolution of those digital picture frames that have been around for a few years now, some folks have invented Instacube, a photo frame that displays your Instagram feed. Rather than actually loading photos onto the device like you would with current digital frames, you just log in to Instagram and […]