Apple Phone Support Hack: Curse Your Way Out Of Voice Menu Hell


Proving once again that vinegar catches more flies than honey (really), it was recently discovered by a reddit user by the name of floppybutton that Apple’s Phone Tech Support contains hidden verbal cue words that you can activate when you’re stuck in menus. You might know some of the generic tech support power words for […]

Google Now Offering 24/7 Technical Support For Play Store


As you probably already know, Google gets a lot of heat from the public when it comes to technical support, especially since they don’t really even offer it. However, the search engine monster is apparently looking to change that with a big step: 24/7 phone support. Google is now offering users 24/7 technical support for […]

This Is How You can Help Pod2G Jailbreak The iOS 5.1 Firmware Untethered


Yesterday we told you that hacker Pod2G mentioned he was currently searching for vulnerabilities to exploit in the iOS 5.1 firmware. As iOS 5.1 patches previous exploits used to Jailbreak both A4 and A5 iOS devices untethered on iOS 5.0.1/iOS 5.0, it means it is back to the drawing board. Today Pod2G has actually written a blog […]

Back To The Basics: Having Troubles Finding Cydia Tweaks? [Issue #1]


It seems like whenever we write about a brand new Cydia tweak we get a comment that is along the lines of “I can’t find the tweak through Cydia.” Though to all experienced Jailbreakers there is an obvious answer(s) to this question, for people who are new to the Jailbreaking scene this is a legitimate […]