How To: Restore Windows 8 To Reset It To Factory Settings


As much as I love my Mac computer and couldn’t think about living without it, there is still some tasks such as programming that I prefer doing on my Windows computer. Windows has a lot of things going for it, but it just isn’t up to par with Mac OS X in terms of stability. […]

How To: Run Windows XP In Windows 8


Windows 8 is a great operating system in a lot of ways, but also has a lot of potential downfalls that I previously covered in an article titled “Why Windows 8 Will Fail In The Eyes Of The Average Consumer.” Windows 7 allowed users to run Windows XP applications with a special Windows XP mode, […]

[How To] Use An Xbox 360 Controller With Any Game On A Mac


The Xbox 360 controller automatically works with Windows thanks to built-in driver support (although the wireless version requires a special receiver). If you want to use the 360 controller on unsupported games on Windows, all you need is a keymapper like Xpadder. Since Macs don’t have the same built-in driver support, the process of pairing […]

More People Have A Mobile Phone Than A Toothbrush In The World [INFOGRAPHIC]


It is no question that social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have grown exponentially over the last few years. Just last year alone Facebook has picked up an additional 200 million users! Due to the fact that social networks have become such an integrated aspect of our lives it is interesting to take […]

Want To Jailbreak Your Windows Phone, Now You Can! [ChevronWP7]


Today Windows Phone owners all rejoice as the news that ChevronWP7 is now open for unlocking (which is essentially the equivalent to it being jailbroken). As we mentioned before, ChevronWP7 was working with Microsoft on an easy, legal way to jailbreak the Windows Phone. With the combination of Microsoft and the development team, ChevronWP7 has […]