iH8Sn0w’s A5(X) iBoot Bug Doesn’t Apply To The Apple TV 3G

Yesterday we announced that iH8Sn0w had discovered an iBoot exploit that would make devices with an A5 chip and A5X chip Jailbroken for life. One question that came up a lot was does this include the ATV3G, and the answer is no.

Download Apple TV 5.1.1 (Build 10A831) Firmware

MuscleNerd elaborated on Twitter that the iBoot bug doesn’t apply, so don’t go out and buy one thinking a Jailbreak is right around the corner.

He further went on to say that “it pretty much needs either a bootrom exploit, or for App development to all of a sudden open for on it (neither are likely).”

So unfortunately it still looks like Apple TV 3G users are going to be left in the dark when it comes to a Jailbreak.

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  1. how come this is pretty much the only apple device STILL to be un-jb’able? seems a shame, but then again, with the advent of smart tv’s…..

  2. suttonmontreal says:

    Just install XBMC on a jailbroken Ipad or Iphone and mirror to your ATV3 BANG!!! Problem solved

  3. Dani Hayes says:

    Simplicity. There is not much coding in the Apple TV’s like the iDevices so the chance of a mistake/bug is very less unlikely.

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