How To: Unlock Your Out Of Contract iPhone For Free Using AT&T’s Online Chat

Yesterday we told you that AT&T were going to be changing their policy on unlocking out of contract iPhones due to the increased pressure from the public and even Apple themselves. We said that starting this Sundays AT&T will be allowing customers who have completed their service contracts, and are in good standing, to unlock their iPhone. AT&T has sure enough followed through with their promise and as long as you meet the requirements you can unlock your iPhone for free.

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Just how can you unlock your AT&T iPhone? Well, there are a few different ways you could proceed. The first would be to phone AT&T’s technical support, the second would be to visit an actual AT&T store, and third, as pointed out by iDB, would be to simply use AT&T’s online chat. Thus, in this how to guide you will learn how to unlock your out of contract AT&T iPhone for free using AT&T’s online chat.

How To Easily Unlock AT&T iPhone

Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is actually grab your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About and from this page write down your IMEI number.

Step 2) – With your IMEI number handy you will need to head on over to AT&T’s online chat support page by clicking here. You will then need to login to your account, and then click the Chat Now link next to technical support.

Step 3) – When you begin talking to an AT&T representative you will simply need to tell them that you would like to unlock your out of contract iPhone. Additionally, you will also need to give them your IMEI number which you wrote down earlier. When the AT&T representative has this information he will be able to determine if you are eligible for the free unlock.

Step 4) – If all goes well you will be asked for your email address so they can send you more details about how to proceed in about a week or so when your unlock request goes through. From here you will simply need to wait it out until you receive a follow-up email that will include further instructions.

Done! If you have any further questions to do with the unlocking process or would like to share your thoughts about your experience please turn your attention to the comments section below…

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  1. I need one AT&T email… Because I cannot create by my IP address.. Please Help Me!

  2. What if we no longer have an AT&T account? 

  3. Ogpudding says:

    I tried doing this with my old 3GS and according to AT&T my IMEI number isn’t an original AT&T phone so they couldn’t do anything.  It was jailbroken and running 6.15.00 firmware.  I wonder if this somehow changed my original IMEI number, either way, I was able to unlock my iphone 4, so now I’m just waiting for the email back

  4. I need an AT&T email.. I need some help..

  5. Oxford76 says:

    it’s not fair………….. mine is italian !!!  Tim doen’t do that !!! XD

  6. Alan Latteri says:

    took 2 minutes….

  7. can u help me contacting att as i cant create account and i live in cyprus, i want u to give them my imei nomber to unlock it, help pls

  8. this was useless for me. i bought a used iphone at gamestop that comes with no sim inside and locked to at&t. then called (International users have to dial 1-800-335-4685). with the IMEI number to have it unlocked and explained my problem. that i did not know the original owner. they said it was impossible. that i would need the first owner phone# and contract# or contract end date. that the IMEI alone from my iphone was worth nothing for them. too bad. so watch out if you buy a second hand one

    also the chat support is useless cos you need to register an valid at&t service. and with out of contract phones you got no service to register

  9. alan can you help me do the same thing with my imei?? i called them to the international phone and said it was not possible without the old owner name and contract number

  10. Shahezad Virani says:

    still waiting for the email :/

  11. thats the problem if you nolonger have an att account then they ask for the contract number or name of owner or phone# and they kick you out

  12. i just did 5 of my friend’s iphone 4 and 4s. it went pretty well say they will send me email. one thing is waiting for one hr, what a headache. my friends do not have at&t accounts and their phone bought from ebay or other sources. i able to do it flawlessly, solution…. maybe i tell you

  13. Ogpudding says:

     I chatted with AT&T again about my phone, this time the lady was much more helpful, turns out when I had my iphone replaced under warranty by apple, the apple store didnt update AT&T about my switch,  they can still file the request seeing how it goes to apple and they can see there was a switch made on the acount.  Problem solved, now Im just waiting for the email from apple with the unlock instructions

  14. Bob Villa says:

    can anyone help me unlock my phone through chat if i put my IEMI and email here ?

  15. Bob Villa says:
  16. can u please help me as well i need it too as i bought mine from ebay as well

  17. Distrugatorul_mihai2007 says:

    Can someone help me?I can give my email and IMEI.I dont have an AT&T account and my iPhone 4  is bought from one site.Please help me.

  18. Vandreadyg_91 says:
  19. ShadowKiller says:

    Call through Skype on their toll free number. Skype calling is free for toll numbers.
    I am based in India and I just registered my request.

  20. Lil_gromek_94 says:
  21. Lil_gromek_94 says:
  22. Today I got this from a case after waiting since 14th!
    I Have seen many cases where the iPhone is not an AT&T customer iPhone and they unlocked it! I purchased it off ebay and my account is no longer available I tried calling them with no luck skype internet coverage here sucks big time!! Please any one advice me what to do I have sent them an email again with no luck in response I can’t do online chat because I do not have an AT&T wireless number I live out of the U.S! Advice a n g v i l @ a n g v i l . n e t
    Admin please delete the email address if I get notifications when someone replies to my comment
    here is the reply i got from AT&T I would appreciate if someone can help me get through to their chat support!IMEI NO: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -invalid per does not contain enough digits but NON AT&T customers are not eligible regardless. 

  23. how about the people live in other country ,then they got a iphone lock by at&t(of course they do not have account to live chat ?)

  24. William Wilson says:

     It helps to add + when calling in internationally.  Example: +1-800-335-4685.

  25. Zhi Yang Yang says:

    after send  mail  “request iphone 4 unlock”to at&t but !as what i said :(Yang) then i do call to at&t at 9pm(am in Vietnam). Then tell them all,they ask for imei number!
    then i wait………after 10` they “give” me a case number ? and ask for email add .i tell them i donot have email(lie)! just gave them my phone number!
    And they said :”call you back at 11 “? to tell me can unlock or not (check somethings !)
    Now am just waitting !!! 

  26. Zhi Yang Yang says:

    after send  mail  “request iphone 4 unlock”to at&t but !as what i said :(Yang) then i do call to at&t at 9pm(am in Vietnam). Then tell them all,they ask for imei number!
    then i wait………after 10` they “give” me a case number ? and ask for email add .i tell them i donot have email(lie)! just gave them my phone number!
    And they said :”call you back at 11 “? to tell me can unlock or not (check somethings !)
    Now am just waitting !!! 

  27. Benimobile says:

    how to unllok  my iphone4 ime012421005512342

  28. Xx13mera7xx says:

    i have an iphone 4s. and that phone just came out last year, it would still be in contract, would att still unlock it?

  29. Bargav U says:

    i am also from India how should i have to unlock my iPhone 4 it is from at&t

  30. Sherkmap says:

    who can unlock iphone 4?

  31. Trekkim says:
  32. Sukhveer_0072 says:

    am in india to unlock my iphone 4?

  33. Yehgold says:

    how can u do that?

  34. Yehgold says:

    how did u do that?

  35. Erandagunasekara says:
  36. Erandagunasekara says:
  37. Eranagunasekara says:
  38. Erandagunasekara says:
  39. Erandagunasekara says:
  40. Erandagunasekara says:
  41. Erandagunasekara says:
  42. Erandagunasekara says:
  43. Erandagunasekara says:
  44. Joel Lucilla says:

     i have iphone 4 need to unlock help

    imei 012539004733237

    idont have anya ccount atnt any one can help me

    thank you

  45. Joel Lucilla says:

    any one can provide me at&t email icant register cause my ip address are not based in u.s.. 

  46.  Could you help me out with a 3gs?

  47.  Could you help me out also?

  48. Malaquias Nivar says:
  49. Malaquias Nivar says:
  50. Yisokya says:
  51. Tebankp7 says:

    hola queria saber tengo un iphone de ustedes soy de argertina  quisiera saber si por imei ustedes me lo pueden desbloquear

  52. sherkmap says:

    115 usd your iPhone will unlock. I know someone can help for you!

    Đã gửi từ iPhone của tôi

    Ngày Jul 19, 2012, vào lúc 2:50 PM, “Disqus” viết:

  53. Biblemulmi says:
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  55. Erandagunasekara123 says:
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  57. Erandagunasekara123 says:
  58. Erandagunasekara123 says:
  59. Dilshanzee says:
  60. Lagoon_64 says:
  61. ismail m says:
  62. Michael Fitzgerald says:
  63. Mr. Target says:

    Stopped services for a year, can not log in ether, but get success via online help. LOL

  64. [email protected] says:
  65. Vicente Hernandez says:
  66. i need some help i cant create an email account tell me plz

  67. HI,
    i 100% assure you to arrange your unlock withing 12 hours.
    please write me through

  68. @R()TT//€!L€R_PR says:

    hi please help unlock my iphone 4


    my email is :[email protected]

  69. Aakash Gohil says:

    if i’m using an iphone 4 under contract and i upgrade to the 4s, is my contract renewed or what?
    if at any point if i decide to put my sim back into the iphone 4, will it cause any problem??????
    can i use the new car or upgraded connection with my older iphone 4 and unlock the iphone 4s for use with other carrier?

  70. Christopher says:
  71. i am from israel

  72. what if i dont have online account with at& can i unlock my iphone 4?

  73. Foot Factory says:

    There is no unlock code. AT&T submit your phone’s IMEI numbers to Apple’s server. Once a request is accepted and being processed, Apple will until your iphone through Itunes. Your job is to:
    Fire up Itunes
    Do a complete backup of your phone
    Do a restore/update
    Apple will dectect your phone’s IMEI and compares these numbers with its database. If there is a match, Apple is unlocking your phone. You should receive a congratulation message that your phone is now unlocked.

  74. Anass Hamada says:
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  76. Phenyo Gosekwang says:
  77. rokia traoré says:

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