A New Way for Your iDevice to Enter Sleep Mode! [TV Tube Sleep Tweak]

Today a brand new tweak was released into Cydia that will change the way your iDevice enters sleep mode. Everyone knows that when you press the sleep button on your iDevice (power button), you iDevice simply flashes to a black screen. It does not have any transition animation, it simply goes to a black screen. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some sort of transition animation between this process of putting your iDevice in sleep mode? Well if you answered yes, you will be glad to know a new tweak was just released into Cydia that will add an old Tube TV effect to when you press your iDevice’s power button.


This new transition effect really is a great new addition to your iDevice, and in my opinion it is much needed. The small addition this tweak makes to your iDevice is quite noticeable, and this tweak carries out the old TV Tube effect perfectly. If you are interested in TV Tube Sleep, it is available through the Cydia store for a price of $0.99! Let us know your thoughts on this new tweak.

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  1. its cool. i hope they make the iphone also that turns on like an tv waiting for the flash..that be awesome!!!

  2. wont work on my ipod 1g though

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