Reminder: Change Your Root SSH Password On iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch After You Jailbreak iOS 6.x [How To]


With every new Jailbreak release there is always a lot of new people who Jailbreak their devices and forget about one important step. Heck, I bet even a lot of individuals who have Jailbroken in the past forget about it. Just what is this important step? Well, changing your SSH (root) password. A couple questions […]

iCloud Allows You To SSH To Your Mac Over The Internet Using Back To My Mac [How To]


Back To My Mac is a service that had been included in Apple’s computers as early back as Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. The service automates secure point-to-point connections between Mac computers, and became free when Apple switched the service from MobileMe to iCloud. You may not have realized it, but if you know your computer’s […]

How To: Install MobileTerminal On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Running iOS 5.1.1 [Change Root Password]


With the iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak being released not too long ago for all iOS devices including the new iPad (iPad 3) it is no doubt that there are thousands of new Jailbreakers. In fact, earlier today we reported that there was over 973,086 newly Jailbroken iOS devices. With all of these new Jailbreakers I thought it […]

How To: Use MobileTerminal & OpenSSH To Connect To Servers, Play Roguelikes! (Nethack, ADOM, Crawl) [Cydia]


RogueTerm is a universal app in the iTunes App Store which can play roguelikes (old school RPGs like nethack and moria). While my iPhone probably isn’t the greatest platform to play these heavily keyboard-centric games, I wouldn’t mind syncing up my bluetooth keyboard to plug away at some Crawl when I am away from my […]

How To: Install MotoBlur Launcher On Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0+) With SSH [Android Root Tweak]


You have many options when installing the MotoBlur launcher: one requires that you already have Android Debug Bridge installed and another requires the use of ClockworkMod. The method we prefer just involves transferring files to a rooted Android device through SSH over WiFi. SSH is one of the most accessible methods for transferring files and setting permissions to your […]

REMINDER: Change Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S, iPad 2 SSH Password Now!


With the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 being Jailbroken on the iOS 5.0 (iPhone 4S only) and the iOS 5.0.1 firmware, thanks to the Dream Team. It is no questions that the Jailbreaking Community has grown in numbers. Due to the increase in Jailbroken iOS devices and due to the fact that there are a lot […]

How To: Remove Launch Daemons To Increase Speed, Battery Life And Disk Space [Part Two]


After installing numerous Cydia tweaks, the space on my iPhone 4 root partition became really cramped. Thus, I thought there may be many files, which are not used by the iPhone 4, that can be removed without effecting anything. After doing my own research, I have worked out the best way to get rid of […]

How To: Give Your iPhone A Speed Bump! Overclock The iPhone CPU


The iPhone and iPod Touches house a decent processor which has been under-clocked to favour battery life over performance. The processors on the devices are therefore not fully exploited, but by over-clocking it is very much possible to squeeze more out of those circuit boards, but only on a jailbroken device. The processor of the iPhone […]

How To: Change Your SSH Root Password On Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [GUIDE]


You may have seen our earlier guide on changing your default password. Here’s a reminder to make sure you do it! If you’re an avid jailbreaker like us, you’ll no doubt have OpenSSH installed on your iPhone to be able to SSH into it using a desktop client such as CyberDuck. You should also, therefore, […]

Stock iPhone-only apps on iPad! [How To]


This little iPad hack was found a while ago by Steven Troughton-Smith before the iPad was even jailbroken for the Clock app, but you needed to be a paid Apple developer. Basically what it involves is taking an iPhone app from an iPhone and putting it on your iPad. This is especially handy for the […]