[How To] Use An Xbox 360 Controller With Any Game On A Mac


The Xbox 360 controller automatically works with Windows thanks to built-in driver support (although the wireless version requires a special receiver). If you want to use the 360 controller on unsupported games on Windows, all you need is a keymapper like Xpadder. Since Macs don’t have the same built-in driver support, the process of pairing […]

Stream Movies, Music, And Pictures To PS3 Or Xbox 360 With “Playback”


While I was attempting to restrain myself from buying another new device that allows me to conveniently stream music, videos, and pictures to my TV, I stumbled across an App for my Mac that allows me to do just that through my PS3. Playback is an App developed by Yazsoft that allows you to stream […]

‘AirMusic’ Streams Your Tunes To PS3, Xbox And PC! [Download Now]


Well here’s a sweet little app that you all need in your life! AirMusic is a great alternative to AirPlay and can sometimes be used in conjunction with it. The app lets you stream to multiple devices. One thing to note is that it won’t support DRM content. Description ☆ Featured as “New and Noteworthy” […]