According To The Wall Street Journal Apple Is Working On A 13-Inch iPad And Larger iPhone

iDevice Family

It looks like Apple might be looking to really diversify the iFamily in the next year or so as according to a report from The Wall Street Journal the Fruit Company is prototyping larger versions of both the iPad and iPhone. Although there are very few solid details, the report claims that Apple is looking […]

WSJ: Apple Cuts iPhone 5 Part Orders Due To Weaker Than Expected Demand


Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5, isn’t doing so well. The iPhone 5 is powerful, fast and well built, but has quite a few problems. The sides and the backplate get scratched easily, there was some kind of flare in the camera lens and the touch response wasn’t as great as before. And then there […]

WSJ And Bloomberg Also Report New Cheaper iPhone Coming In Late 2013


Yesterday, DigiTimes reported that Apple will be coming out with a new cheaper low-end version of the iPhone later this year. Now, major publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are also reporting the same. Late yesterday, the Wall Street Journal chimed in on the ‘iPhone mini’ rumors and reported that Apple is […]

WSJ: Apple To Sign A Data-Sharing Deal With Foursquare To Improve The iOS 6 Maps App


Apple’s Maps app may not have been a success, but the fruit company is working very hard to win back its loyal customers and improve the mapping application. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is also considering signing a deal with popular location-based social service Foursquare, and use its data to improve the iOS […]

WSJ Claims iTunes 11 Could Be Released As Early As Thursday, What Do You Think?


When Apple announced the iPhone 5, they also showcased a brand new version of iTunes dubbed iTunes 11. It will feature a cleaner interface, an improved Mini Player, better iCloud integration and much more. When iTunes 11 was initially introduced by the fruit company it was given a release date of “the end of October.” […]

Wall Street Journal Reports iPad Mini Is Under Mass Production


Early today, The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Apple has started mass production of a smaller tablet device. Recent report from Macotakara also stated that the iPad Mini is under mass production in Brazilian Foxconn plants. According to WSJ’s source, the production has also been started by Asian Suppliers.   The smaller tablet, iPad Mini as […]

Amazon’s Rumored Smartphone Is Being Tested In Asia


It’s looking increasingly likely that the rumors of an Amazon smartphone are no mere smoke and mirrors. Today, the WSJ is reporting that sources within Amazon’s component supply chain have told them that the smartphone is currently being tested by its Asian suppliers. It may begin mass production as early as Q4 of this year. This […]

Sony Planning On Releasing PS3-Successor In 2013


According to the Wall Street Journal’s undisclosed sources, Sony is planning on releasing a new PlayStation console in 2013. There aren’t any details about this upcoming console, only that the next console will feature an optical drive instead of being a download-only console like the PSP Go. Sony’s reasoning is that “Internet connections are too […]

Next iPhone To Have Bigger Screen, According To Bloomberg Sources


On Wednesday an article in the Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone would have a larger screen, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Yesterday evening Bloomberg released a report of their own which seems to confirm that story, citing “three people with knowledge of the plans.” Who are these people, and how did they […]

Apple To Create iPhone With 4″ Screen, According To WSJ Sources


A report in the Wall Street Journal today says that Apple has been ordering larger iPhone screens from their Asian suppliers, attributing the source to “people familiar with the matter.” These mysterious shadowy figures say that the screens will measure out to be four inches diagonally, a half-inch larger than Apple’s current smart phone screen. While […]