This Unofficial Facebook App For Windows 8 Is Better Than Nothing


Since the launch of Windows 8 (and the Surface, with its Windows RT), there’s been one prominent app that’s been conspicuously missing from the platform: Facebook. For whatever reason, Facebook hasn’t released an official app in either the Windows Store on Windows 8, or the Surface version thereof. No one knows what they have planned, […]

Skype For Windows 8 Arrives On Windows Store [VIDEO]


It’s one of the most widely used and downloaded pieces of software on the Windows platform, so it’s no surprise that the video calling program Skype has made it onto the next iteration of Windows. On October 26, the same day that the Windows 8 platform itself launches, Skype for Windows 8 will be available […]

Netflix App Now Available For Windows 8

Netflix iOS icon

Netflix has said in the past that they would be preparing a version of their app for Windows 8, but we didn’t quite expect to see it so soon. A full two weeks ahead of the October 26 launch of Windows 8, the Netflix app for the new Microsoft platform is available for download from […]

PayPal App Now Available In The Windows Phone Store


The initial wave of Windows Phone 8 apps continues to pour in as we draw closer to the October release of the new OS. The most recent addition to the collection is an official PayPal app, complete with “Modern” UI design cues and all the usual features you’d expect from a PayPal app. As you’d […]

Microsoft Announces Office Store, To Open Immediately


More news from the Windows 8 camp: on the official MSDN blog, Microsoft has announced the launching of the Office Store. Available now, the Office Store will be like the Windows Store, except for Office suite add-on apps. Just like the Windows Store, third-party developers will be able to submit their apps to Microsoft for […]

More Metro UI Apps Arrive, In The Form Of Splashtop Remote Desktop


As we’ve heard late last week, Microsoft has opened the flood gates for Metro app submissions (though they’re apparently not calling them Metro-style apps anymore, officially) and the first accepted apps are starting to trickle in to the Windows Store Preview. One such app is Splashtop, a remote desktop application designed around the Metro UI […]

Windows Store Now Accepting App Submissions


The release to manufacturer (RTM) build of Windows 8 just shipped out yesterday, and no Microsoft says they’re ready to begin checking out your apps. If you’ve got a Metro-style app for Windows 8, and you’d like it sold in the Windows Store (and you’re an established company) you can sign up for an app […]

What Team COCO Expects From The Windows Store


Team Coco, the site behind the talkshow Conan O’Brien Presents, released a list of 8 things to expect from the Microsoft store. The satirical list describes something between a Bizarro-World Apple Store and 8 digs targeted at Microsoft. I’m not exactly sure what Microsoft did to Conan’s writers to deserve these digs. Did a Vista […]