Windows 8 Upgrade Price To Be Raised After January 31st, Windows 8 Preview Users Face Other Consequences

The Windows 8 metro interface home screen

Microsoft have finally expired the official early previews of their latest OS, Windows 8, of which have appeared in May 2011, although that was a leaked first copy of Windows 8. The first official preview of Windows 8 however, was released in September, (the Developer Preview), followed by a February 2012 release, in the form […]

netham45 Releases First User-Friendly Windows RT Jailbreak [Download Now]


We reported on Clrokr’s Windows RT jailbreak early on Monday, noting that while the ability to run unsigned code in ‘desktop mode’ is impressive–the published jailbreak method was too complex for most end-users to accomplish. Netham45, a developer on the XDA forums who mentioned at the time that the process was too complicated for a […]

Microsoft Actually Applauds The Developer Behind The Windows RT Jailbreak

Windows RT Jailbreak

Yesterday the big news was that Windows RT was essentially ‘Jailbroken’ to run unsigned code and full desktop applications. This means you aren’t limited to just installing apps from the official Windows Store, you can actually compile your own applications. Unfortunately this ‘Jailbreak’ doesn’t come without its set of limitations, with the biggest being a […]

Developers Demonstrate Windows RT Running Desktop Programs


Earlier we posted news about the ‘Jailbreak’ for Windows RT. The hack, discovered by Clrokr allows developers to compile their own desktop apps for Windows RT, without using the App Store. It seems the exploit is real, and Windows RT is capable of running applications in Windows RT’s desktop mode other than Office, but there are […]

Dropbox Released For Windows 8 And Windows RT, Get Downloading!


If you haven’t heard of Dropbox before then I would assume you are new to the whole ‘cloud’ thing. Essentially Dropbox is a service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. As once connected to a Wi-Fi network you will have access to all your files that you […]

Windows RT Hacked To Run Unsigned Code, Full Desktop Applications

Office Home & Student RT Suite: Disclaimer

Over the weekend a hacker by the name of Clrokr claims to have discovered a method for running unsigned code on Windows RT–including desktop applications. This Windows RT jailbreak amounts to changing a entry in the Windows 8 kernel, a value which determines the minimum signing level that desktop apps are allowed to run. Change […]

HTC HD2 Is A Hacker’s Best Friend, Runs Windows RT [IMAGES]


The HTC HD2 was a smartphone introduced back in 2010 that came with Windows Mobile 6.5. Now you are probably thinking to yourself, why is a phone nearly 3 years old running Windows Mobile 6.5 being talked about? Well, you would indeed think such a handset, not even being able to official run Windows Phone […]

This Unofficial Facebook App For Windows 8 Is Better Than Nothing


Since the launch of Windows 8 (and the Surface, with its Windows RT), there’s been one prominent app that’s been conspicuously missing from the platform: Facebook. For whatever reason, Facebook hasn’t released an official app in either the Windows Store on Windows 8, or the Surface version thereof. No one knows what they have planned, […]

Better Than Retina? DisplayMate Tests The Surface RT Against The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 3


As you may remember, Microsoft’s Surface Team Manager claimed on Reddit that the Surface RT’s 1366 by 768 display could show more detail than the iPad 3’s higher resolution 2048 by 1536 display, due to the Windows RT tablet’s improved contrast ratio, ClearType Font rendering, and lower screen reflectance. Before the Surface was released, DisplayMate […]

Windows Phone App For Windows 8 Allows For Seamless Integration Between Microsoft’s Phone And Desktop Platforms


If you have a handset running Windows Phone 8, chances are you either have or are looking into upgrading to Windows 8 for your PC too. Microsoft has recently released a free companion app that can show an overview of what’s on your phone as well as transfer photos, music and video from your computer. […]