Windows Phone 8 Like iOS 7 Concept Shows Off Zen Simplicity [CONCEPT]


We have seen numerous concepts for iOS 7, so many that you are probably getting tired of hearing about them. Regardless, we are back today to share with you yet another concept, this time by the website They have created a concept that is probably one of the best we have seen in a […]

BlackBerry 10 Beats iOS 6 And Windows Phone 8 In Browser Speed Test [VIDEO]


Let’s be honest, BlackBerry isn’t doing as well as it was 2 years ago. With the rise of iOS and Android, other mobile operating systems have seen a huge drop in usage. The battle for the third spot is currently between Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Research in Motion is all set to unveil their latest […]

Send Free Text / Multimedia Messages With WhatsApp, Now Available For Windows Phone 8 [Download Now]


In case you haven’t heard of WhatsApp Messenger yet, or haven’t cared to, now is the time to educate yourself. WhatsApp is essentially an alternative way to send a standard text or multimedia message. You see, instead of sending this message over your cellular network, messages are sent using your data (3G or 4G LTE) […]

Windows Phone 8 Ported To The Ancient HTC HD2 Hardware, Somehow


According to Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 devices like the Lumia 900 aren’t getting Windows Phone 8 because they don’t have enough processing power to run the new OS. That’s the official line, and we don’t really have any reason not to believe it….except this: a team of modders called Dark Forces Team have managed to […]

Nokia’s Head Of Design Talks About The Lumia 920’s Design [Video]


Some time in the last couple years, possibly starting with Apple, it became customary to accompany the release of major new tech products will all manner of vaguely pretentious video footage. From gratuitous imagery of the product itself, to interviews wherein the designers of the new device tell your their lofty ambitions for its design, […]

The Windows Phone SDK For 8.0 Is Available [Download]


For all those Windows Phone 8 fans out there, then this is great news for you. Microsoft has released the full Software Development Kit for the Windows Phone 8.0 platform. The system requirements for this are the following: Supported operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 64-bit client versions 4 GB of RAM […]

Microsoft Testing Their Own Smartphone Hardware In Asia


It’s beginning to look more and more like the Surface Phone will become a reality at some point. With the new Windows Phone 8 platform now launching on HTC and Nokia’s devices, Microsoft might be looking to get a slice of that hardware pie for themselves, and a Wall Street Journal report indicates that they’re […]

Windows Phone App For Windows 8 Allows For Seamless Integration Between Microsoft’s Phone And Desktop Platforms


If you have a handset running Windows Phone 8, chances are you either have or are looking into upgrading to Windows 8 for your PC too. Microsoft has recently released a free companion app that can show an overview of what’s on your phone as well as transfer photos, music and video from your computer. […]

Microsoft Shows Off New Windows Phone 8 Features, Including Live Lock Screens [VIDEO]


With a bunch of Windows Phone 8 hardware set to launch soon, including the 8X and 8S from HTC, Microsoft unveiled a few more features of the new mobile OS today. BGR reports that Microsoft sees a lack of innovation in current mobile operating systems, and wanted to make something that focused on people more […]

Is Microsoft Trying To Garner More Attention By “Accidentally” Leaking The Upcoming Surface Smartphone? [PICTURES]


Microsoft has been gaining a lot of attention recently as the release date of Windows 8 and its Surface tablet creeps closer. For any corporation this kind of publicity is pure gold, because it is advertising that the Redmond company doesn’t have to pay for. It is without a doubt that Microsoft will hope to […]