Microsoft Confirms That Windows Phone 7.8 Won’t Be Available Until “Early 2013″


By now, all you Windows Phone 7 device owners should be well aware that you’re not going to be joining the Windows Phone 8 party. Microsoft has chosen to keep WP8 exclusively on new devices, and won’t be back-porting it to older WP7 devices. As a consolation prize, the old hardware will be getting an […]

Microsoft Will Be Bringing Their Xbox Live App To Android And iOS


If Business Insider is correct, then it looks like the ability to play Xbox Live Arcade games on your smartphone or tablet will be coming to Android and iOS soon. Right now there are apps available on each market that allow one to send messages, check profiles, and manage your friend lists, but nothing to […]

Microsoft Just Held A Funeral Parade For The iPhone and BlackBerry!


Well folks this is definitely one bold move by Microsoft, and to be honest at first I thought this was a joke. On September 10th (which is today), Microsoft put on a  funeral parade for the iPhone and BlackBerry in celebration of the launch of Windows Phone 7. This really shows you how Microsoft has […]