Microsoft Confirms That Windows Phone 7.8 Won’t Be Available Until “Early 2013″


By now, all you Windows Phone 7 device owners should be well aware that you’re not going to be joining the Windows Phone 8 party. Microsoft has chosen to keep WP8 exclusively on new devices, and won’t be back-porting it to older WP7 devices. As a consolation prize, the old hardware will be getting an […]

Nokia Leaks Document Detailing Windows Phone 7.8 Features Versus Windows 8, What’s Missing in 7.8


3GS and iPhone 4 owners may be upset that certain features of iOS 6 won’t be coming to their devices, but here’s a reminder that their situation could always be worse. As it turns out, current handsets will not be getting access to Windows Phone 8 at all, including Siri’s beloved Nokia Lumina 900 4G. […]