Internet Explorer 10 Preview Now Available For Windows 7 Users [Download Now]


While Windows 8 users have had their hands on Internet Explorer 10 for a few weeks already, Microsoft is just now getting around to releasing the browser on Windows 7. A preview build is now available from Microsoft’s Test Drive page, and it should be more or less the same as the finalized version that […]

Password Hints From Windows 7 And 8 Can Now Be Obtained Over Network Connections, Were Always A Bad Idea


Password hints are generally a terrible idea, especially if it’s the kind of hint that anyone can use to guess your password. In fact, I’m really hoping the password hints that SpiderLabs‘ blog used are just an illustration of the kinds of password hints that could be uncovered, and not hints used on an actual […]

Registration Is Open For Windows 8 Upgrade Offer


As part of the roll out for Windows 8, Microsoft announced awhile back that users of earlier Windows versions would be able to get Windows 8 for cheap. The upgrade pack would cost just $40, and would be available an unprecedentedly long way back – all the way to Windows XP. Microsoft is obviously eager to […]

This Skin Will Make Your Windows 7 Look Like Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


If you’ve become really, really attached to the look and feel of Android Jelly Bean, and want to bring that experience to your PC, the Windows theming wizards over at Skin Pack have you covered. They’ve just release a skin for Windows 7 that emulates the look and feel of Jelly Bean, while keeping the functionality […]

Microsoft Office 15 To be Shown Off On Monday


The next iteration of Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office suite is set to be shown to the world at a press conference on Monday. It’s expected updated software will be geared towards Windows 8 compatibility, though it will likely run on Windows 7 as well. Given Windows 8’s emphasis on touchscreen friendliness, there’s a good chance we’ll […]

Windows 8 To Be Cheapest Windows Upgrade


OS X Mountain Lion retails for $20 online, so it should be no surprise that Microsoft will be selling Windows 8 at a lower price than any Windows upgrade in the company’s history. In order to encourage customers to continue buying Windows computers before the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has dropped the upgrade price […]

Check Out Windows 8 Running On The Retina MacBook Pro [IMAGES]


For those who are wondering how well Windows runs on the new Retina MacBook Pro that Apple announced at the WWDC 2012 you will be glad to know Anand Lal Shimpi of AnandTech has done looking into the matter. He was able to get both Windows 7 and Windows 8 functioning on the machine, with some […]

BlueStacks Beta Is Now Available, Run Android Apps On Your Windows PC [Download Now]


Ever wanted to play that awesome Android game or application on your PC but couldn’t? Well BlueStacks is the way to achieve just that! Earlier this year we mentioned that it was moving from alpha to beta testing, it has now finally reached beta testing for everyone to try! This free Android App Store syncs […]

Windows Facebook Messenger App Officially Released And Available To Download


Facebook has officially released the Windows Facebook Messenger application to the public. Although the desktop Facebook Messenger application was released in December, it was unofficial as it was actually leaked. Nearly three months later we now see the official release of Facebook Messenger with no new apparent changes besides bug fixes and stability improvements. For […]

Wanting A Windows 8 Tablet, Look To Samsung In 2012


With the development of Windows 8, we have seen that the new operating system is being designed to run on all sorts of devices, which include phones, tablets, and computers. Samsung’s head of PC Business, Nam Seong, says that Samsung will be going ahead in releasing tablets running the upcoming Windows 8 in the second […]