Here’s A Prototype Of Philips Hue Notification Center Widget For iOS 8


During Apple’s keynote at WWDC this week, the company spoke a little about their new HomeKit SDK for home automation. Using the HomeKit SDK developers could make their accessories listen to commands through Siri, create easy to use Notification Center widgets and more. Apple’s iOS 8 SDK will give developers access to around 4000 API’s. […]

iPhone Lock Screen Concept Shows Off “Card” Widgets, “Grabber” Settings, “Insistent” Apps


The Verge’s latest concept for Rethinking the Lockscreen borrows some elements from tweaks that should be familiar to the jailbreak community but manages to introduce a few ideas we haven’t seen before. We’ll walk you through what’s new, and what you can have on your jailbroken phone today. Here’s the deal: the iPhone’s basic lockscreen […]

This New Concept Brings Live App Tiles And Widgets To iOS [VIDEO]


Apple users have been using the same old homescreen and app icons for over 5 years now. The iOS homescreen on the iPhone has been the same since its launch in 2007. Even Android has similar elements on their homescreen, but thankfully they also have widgets. Microsoft’s new Windows Phone interface with the Modern UI, […]

MemoCenter Cydia Tweak Lets You Take Down Quick Notes From The Notification Center


Here’s a new tweak for your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that will help in taking down quick notes directly from your Notification Center instead of actually having to launch the Notes app. During events and while taking down notes in a hurry, one doesn’t want to waste time launching the Notes app and […]

iOS 5 Wishlist. What would you like to see?


So with iOS 5.0 rumoured to be almost upon us, I thought it would be good to list what we as users would like to see, and then compare to actually what is delivered. Wireless syncing New notification system New lockscreen Dynamic icons (like the weather app showing the current temperature, clock app showing current […]

SmartScreen For iPhone/iPad Updated To v1.41: Now With iOS 4.2.1 Support [How To]


SmartScreen, an application in Cydia for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad that will allow information widgets to be placed and used on the lockscreen, has been updated to version 1.41 to support iOS 4.2.1. Full details and changelog below: Widgets are similar to those offered by Apple’s “Dashboard”, and they follow familiar look and feelings. The […]

SmartScreen For iPad Now Available In Cydia [SCREENSHOTS]


Quite often, I hear that folks really wish the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad had widgets on the lock screen, similar to a Dashboard experience, like Mac OS X. What a lot of folks don’t know is, you can get all the widgets you want, if you jailbreak your device. SmartScreen is a great […]