Two New Cydia Tweaks That Are Worth Checking Out! [WiCarrier & Fullforce]


Lately there has been a lot of buzz in the jailbreaking community and we are seeing some great improvements from all around, like the release OpwnPWN; which will hopefully further more encourage more developers to take part in developing new jailbreaks. Today however, I am going to show you two great new Tweaks available in […]

Cydia App: WiCarrier


WiCarrier has similarities to MakeitMine and Fakecarrier, which replaces the status bar’s carrier name (Rogers, Telus, At&t, etc.) with the current connected WiFi network. For instance: You will notice the carrier name “Family Guy”, since that’s the WiFi network I’m connected too. WiCarrier works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. WiCarrier is available in Cydia from […]