Jimmy Kimmel Cures iOS 7 Motion Sickness [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.01.55 AM

With iOS 7 comes new zooming and parallax effects that make the experience of using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad much better. But did you know that in some people this is actually causing motion sickness? I am not joking either, several credible news outlets have reported this such as Global News. Not to […]

The iPhone 5C Gets A Scratch Test [VIDEO]

iPhone 5C Scratch Test

Apple is said to be releasing the iPhone 5C, which will be the budget iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S on September 10th. The iPhone 5C is expected to feature a polycarbonate body versus the two-tone aluminum and glass body of the current iPhone 5. So just how would a polycarbonate body fare when it comes […]

Plastic iPhone Housing Gets Compared With The iPhone 3GS And iPod Touch [VIDEO]

iphone plastic

Here’s something to cheer all those people from developing countries who’ve always wanted to own an iPhone. The cheap(er) plastic-built iPhone has been rumored for a very long time. We’ve seen a lot of pictures of parts that are rumored to belong to this plastic iPhone. Today, we’ve come up on a hi-resolution video of […]

How To: Replace The Battery In Your iPhone 5 In Under 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

How To Replace The Battery On Your iPhone 5 In 10 Minutes

Despite a few rare cases of faulty batteries, the battery life on the iPhone 5 is actually pretty good. If you disagree completely with this statement then chances are you may require a replacement battery. Actually replacing the battery of your iPhone is easier than you might think and even cheaper than you probably think. […]

Watch The Full Samsung Galaxy And Ativ Premiere Event [Video]


Samsung just held its Premiere event in London on June 20th. The Korean technology giant used the Earls Court Exhibition Centre to show off some of its new products, including the Galaxy S4 mini, the Galaxy NX, the Ativ Q and the Ativ Tab 3. Here’s a bit of detail on all four: Second in […]

Check Out This Gorgeous 5.7-Inch iPhone Phablet Concept [VIDEO]


We have seen a lot of concepts for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and even the budget iPhone, but when I saw this concept by the Gadget Magazine T3, I knew I had to share it with you guys. Essentially the concept shows off an iPhone 5 that has been blown up to look like it […]

Could This Video Actually Reveal What iOS 7 Looks Like Running On The iPad?


Despite some small screenshots that Apple has up on its official website of the iOS 7 homescreen on the iPad, how iOS 7 actually looks on the Fruit Company’s tablet is unknown. We did share some leaked screenshots that came from the Xcode simulator, but they were really just blown up iOS 7 visuals from […]

Apple Explains The Design Process Behind All Of Its Products [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.55.51 AM

Apple started its WWDC 2013 keynote yesterday with an animated video that explains the philosophy behind how Apple designs its products. In case you missed the video it is indeed worth checking out now that it has been uploaded to YouTube. It further elaborates the fact that while there is a ton of competition out […]

Siri, Or Should We Say “Jarvis”, Shown Turning Off Philips Hue Light Bulbs [VIDEO]

We have seen a ton of different Siri hacks in the past where people Jailbreak their iOS device and use a Siri proxy to allow them to control parts of their house with Siri or even start their car. Today we have yet another clever individual who has rigged up a system that allows him to […]

ZoomBoard Opens Up Typing To Devices As Small As A Penny, Would Be Perfect For The iWatch


Apple has been rumored to be releasing a brand new revolutionary product this year and some people have been putting their money on a smartwatch. If Apple developed a smartwatch you probably would think that it would exclude the ability to type, but after watching this concept of ZoomBoard you may think differently. Essentially ZoomBoard […]