Hacked Carrier Update For Verizon iOS Devices Is Released Promising Better 3G And 4G Performance

hacked verizon carrier update

It was only a matter of time before we saw a hacked carrier update for the iPhone and cellular iPad paired on Verizon’s network released, considering that one for AT&T and T-Mobile is already available. This particular carrier update promises to increase your 3G and 4G data speeds on your iPhone 5, iPad or iPad […]

Siri Almost Became An Android Exclusive Feature

Siri actually had quite a mysterious past, that thanks to an in-depth article from The Huffington Post, it is finally being revealed. For those of you who didn’t know, Siri was actually originally released as an iPhone app back in 2010. Apple quickly took notice of the app however, which was created by a 24-person startup […]

How To: Install / Flash CleanROM 5.0 On Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-i535 [TUTORIAL]


There are so many custom ROMs released every week that it’s hard to label a single one as the best. A new ROM has been released for the Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-i535, which goes by the name of CleanROM 5.0. As its name suggests, it brings clean features and is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean build […]

HTC Unveils The Droid DNA, A 5-inch, 1080p Android Smartphone [IMAGE]


Remember last month when HTC unveiled the J Butterfly, an incredible 1080p smartphone that would only be available in Japan, and we all got super jelly? Everyone outside of Japan can stop turning green, because HTC has now announced a similarly powerful phone that will be available in North America (and probably elsewhere). It’s called the […]

HTC And Verizon Holding A Media Event On November 13th


Verizon and HTC will be holding a media event on Tuesday, November 13th. The event is scheduled to start at 11AM in New York, and it is currently being rumored by CNET that both company’s plan on unveiling the HTC DLX handset. The HTC DLX is rumored to be a new smartphone with a 5-inch screen that […]

Motorola’s New DROID RAZR HD Will Be Available On October 18


We’ve had most of the beans spilled on the new Android flagship from Motorola before, but today marks the first official confirmation of a release date for the new smartphone. Verizon Wireless has announced that the phone will go on sale on their carrier on October 18, and since they don’t mention any sort of […]

Verizon’s iPhone 5 Uses Carrier Data Even When On WiFi; Download Carrier Settings Update 13.1


I’ve seen articles floating around that imply if you are using the iPhone 5’s LTE you’ll use more data than if you’re using 3G. This is a myth, megabytes are megabytes, and they’re not inherently affected by the speed of your connection. What can waste your expensive data, however, is when your phone is using […]

Verizon Vacation Ban Signals Likely Launch For New iPhone, Starts September 21st


If a ‘trusted Verizon employee’ and contact of TechCrunch is to be believed, the release date for the next iPhone will be on September 21st. How do they know? Because Verizon put a ban on all vacation time between September 21st to the 30th. This strongly suggests a major product launch on the level of […]

Verizon Galaxy S III Has Been Bootloader (III SCH-i535) Unlocked [Instructions]


If you haven’t already heard, the bootloader for the Verizon edition of the Samsung Galaxy S III was recently unlocked by the modding community at the XDA-developer forums. Verizon was the only major carrier in the United States to impose a locked bootloader on the device. With the locked bootloader, you will not be able […]

Rumor: The Next-Generation iPhone To ‘Possibly’ Launch Q4 2012


Only Apple knows when Apple is planning to release the next-generation iPhone, right? If anyone else would know, maybe Francis Shammo, EVP and CFO for Verizon Communications, would have some inkling. Or so is the apparent logic of Cnet, which is using a loose offhand remark from Shammo to justify a news-grabbing headline. In a […]