Apple Launches iPhone USB Power Adapter Exchange Program In Europe And Other Countries


If you believe you have a faulty iPhone USB power adapter, you can make use of Apple’s new exchange program and get it replaced free of cost. Apple has announced an iPhone USB power adapter exchange program as it has come to its notice that certain 5W European USB power adapters overheat under use and pose a […]

Short A Lightning Connector? Check Out This 10Ft Long One [Deals]


If there is one thing any recent Apple iOS device owner has in common, it is likely that lack of enough Lightning USB cables. Prior to the iPhone 5 I had a ton of 30-pin USB cables, 5 to be exact, that I collected over the years. With the release of the iPhone 5 however, and […]

You Need To Check Out This Innovative 3-In-1 Universal USB Charging Cable [Deals]


Nowadays, most people have more than just one device to charge. But cords get tangled, power strips get overcrowded, and USB ports get used up quickly. Streamline your charging with the 3-in-1 Lightning/30-Pin/Micro USB to USB Charging Cable! This handy cable can charge 3 devices simultaneously. Whether you need to juice up an iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, 3G/3GS, iPad, iPod, Android, HTC, […]

Apple Will Be Opening Up Its USB Power Plug Tradeback Program To Other Countries Besides China And The US

Takeback Program

Last week we reported that Apple would soon be starting a new takeback program where it would be offering to take in 3rd party chargers and give you an official one for a discounted price of $10. This whole program stems from the fact that there has been deaths in China due to people being […]

Apple Introduces A New USB Takeback Program Due To Third-Party Charger Mishaps


Believe it or not there has been a ton of stories surfacing from China about iPhone owners who have been electrocuted to death from malfunctioning 3rd party chargers. As a result of these stories Apple has announced a new program that will allow users to swap their third-party chargers for the real deal. It is […]

Refreshed Thunderbolt Display With USB 3.0, MagSafe 2 And Fused LCD Display Coming Soon?


When Apple refreshed the iMac to feature a dramatically thinner design which reduced screen glare by up to 75 percent, it seemed likely that the company would eventually refresh their Thunderbolt display with the same technology. It looks like this may happen shortly as according to AppleInsider major resellers such as Amazon, J&R and MacMall […]

Root Any Android Device With The Root Transmission App [How-To Guide]


iJailbreak has already covered a lot about rooting. We told you why it’s important and the features you’ll get by rooting your device. If you are unaware, rooting lets you install different kinds of custom ROMs, which give you a taste of an upcoming firmware update in advance. Usually, rooting is done through tools like […]

Lightning To Micro USB Adapter Now Available In The U.S. Apple Store


Apple announced the iPhone 5 in September and along came the new Lightning connector. They have announced Lightning to 30-pin adapters so customers could use their docks and other accessories with the new iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and now the new iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation. Customers in Europe got a Lightning […]

Create A Bootable OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion DVD Or USB Drive With Lion DiskMaker


Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is an incredible OS, but it is only available from Apple as an online download. What happens if your install gets corrupted and won’t boot up? One option is to keep a backup drive with Linux installed, if you want to attempt to salvage your photos and music. But […]

Drobo 5D And Drobo Mini Announced With Thunderbolt And USB 3.0


Drobo has announced two brand new products today, which are the Drobo 5D and the Drobo Mini. Both of these new products offer USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity for blazing fast transfer speeds and are sure to please consumers. The Drobo 5D has a 96 TB storage capacity, and is 5x faster than previous-generation Drobos […]