Gameloft’s Wild Blood Is Now Available For Android Devices

Wild Blood App Icon iOS-ijailbreak

Last month Gameloft released their first ever Unreal Engine based game called ‘Wild Blood‘ on the iOS platform. They promised that this game would soon be available for Android users as well. Staying true to that, Gameloft has just released Wild Blood for Android, which is now available to download from the Google Play Store. […]

Wild Blood, Gameloft’s First Unreal Engine Based Game Is Now Available iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

Wild Blood App Icon iOS-ijailbreak

Gameloft has been promoting Wild Blood, its first Unreal Engine based game from quite some time. There were screenshots with hidden clues, teasers and some gameplay trailers too. Now, as promised, Gameloft has released Wild Blood on the iOS App Store. In the game Wild Blood, you will be playing as Sir Lancelot, the lover […]

Gameloft Releases New Gameplay Trailer For Wild Blood, Their First Unreal Engine Game [VIDEO]


Gameloft has released another new trailer for their upcoming Unreal Engine based game ‘Wild Blood‘. They’ve been marketing this new game a lot, as it’s the first game from Gameloft that uses the advanced Unreal Graphics Engine. Games like Infinity Blade for the iPad already use this engine, and we all know how good the […]

Gameloft’s First Unreal Engine Based Game Gets A Trailer, Is Called Wild Blood


Earlier this month Gameloft posted a screenshot of their first ever Unreal Engine based game on their Facebook page. That screenshot was supposed to give out a clue of some sorts. They also asked for your vote to unlock another screenshot or a trailer. And guess what everyone voted for? The trailer of course! Gameloft has […]

Gameloft Releases Screenshot For Its First Unreal Engine Game, Wants You To Guess The Name


Gameloft has released a screenshot for a new game using its Facebook page, but hasn’t given out any details. The screenshot acts as a clue for something big, because the game will use the latest Unreal Engine. The company recently released games like The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man, both of them being […]

Epic Demos Unreal Engine 4, No Mention Of Infinity Blade 3 [VIDEO]


GameTrailers released a development walkthrough video of Epic Games’ upcoming Unreal Engine 4, featuring Epic’s Sr. Technical Artist Alan Willard. It’s an odd feeling, writing about a powerful gaming engine on a site mostly focused on mobile devices, but the iPhone can currently handle Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3. Unreal Engine 3 was first used […]

The Jaw-Dropping Infinity Blade 2 iOS Game Is Now Available To Download From The Apple App Store


Infinity Blade 2 is one of those games that really marks the pinnacle of any iOS game available in the Apple App Store. It not only features state-of-the-art mobile graphics, but its lighting and shadowing rendering that can match console graphics! This is because Epic Games has developed the Infinity Blade series on the Unreal […]

Epic Games: Unreal Engine 3 Now Compatible With Mac OS X


Epic Games have recently announced that they will be bringing a free Unreal Development kit beta for Mac OS X, which will let developers finally write games for Mac OS X using the latest and greatest version of the Unreal Engine. This means we could very well be seeing games like Gears Of War 3 and […]

Gameloft to incorporate the Unreal Engine in upcoming iOS games!


Gameloft just recently announced that they have just made a long term and multi-platform agreement with Epic Gamers for the use of their Unreal Gaming Engine for the mobile platform. What does this mean? This means we could see some amazing graphics and detail in future games to be released in the next year by GameLoft. Gameloft is very […]