UK Users Get Free Calls Through Facebook Messenger


On March 25th Facebook added to its UK Messenger app, which is available for iPhone and iPod Touch, the ability to make free VoIP calls without the need to update it (it appeared out of nowhere as a listed feature). Now, three days later, the free voice calling service is available for Android users in said […]

PayPal Reveals New Chip-And-PIN Device In UK

Ice-cream salesman Mark Thomas will be one of the first to try the machine.

PayPal, the online service company, started to go downhill in the recent years. But they’ve wanted to step back up into the game in the UK, recently PayPal announced a new chip-and-pin device which would be out by this summer. The device was designed for small business such as taxis, market traders and shops, initially […]

UK Mobile Retailer Clove Is Taking Preorders For The 64GB Galaxy S III


It’s been awhile since we first heard about the 64GB Galaxy S III from Samsung that was supposed to be coming; back in August, it was revealed that a black version of the Galaxy S III was coming (in the UK, at least), and that it would have 64GB of internal memory. Now, the same retailer […]

Apple Posts Updated Apology To Samsung On U.K. Website


Following the recent posting of a new apology in U.K newspapers, Apple has now updated its apology on the U.K website. The new apology is partially visible on the bottom of the homepage with a link to the complete post. The U.K court asked Apple to rewrite their apology to Samsung, because it was found […]

Apple Posts New Modified Apology To Samsung In U.K. Newspapers


Yesterday the U.K court asked Apple to rewrite the apology to Samsung it had posted on its U.K website. Why? Well, the U.K court found it non-compliant to their original orders. Apple was given less than 48 hours to post the new apology on their U.K site’s homepage. That hasn’t happened yet, but according to […]

Apple Asked To Change Apology To Samsung Within 48 Hours, UK Court Finds It ‘Non-Compliant’


Apple recently posted an apology to Samsung on their UK website, stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad. However, the UK court has found the statement ‘non-compliant’ to the original agreement. Now, the UK court has ordered Apple to change their statement and post it on their home page, instead of providing a link to it on […]

Apple Posts Notice Saying Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad Design On UK Site, ‘They’re Not As Cool’


Earlier this year, a U.K. court decided that Samsung did not copy Apple’s iPad design for its Galaxy Tabs and asked Apple to apologize for the trouble caused by litigation. The court wanted Apple to post an Apology to Samsung on their U.K website and run an ad in British newspapers. Apparently the court ruled […]

Jelly Bean Update For Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives In The UK


The roll out of Jelly Bean to the millions of Galaxy S III smartphones out there began awhile ago, but mostly only in the device’s home country of Korea. It looks like Samsung is ready to get serious about a worldwide deployment of Jelly Bean on the S III, though, as UK carriers have begun […]

Leaked Brochure Of Rumored HTC One X+ Emerges [Rumor]


HTC has recently announced their newest Windows 8 phones, and now, one of their rumored phones has been spotted in a U.K. wireless carrier brochure. O2 is one of the wireless carriers in the United Kingdom, and thanks to the group over at GSMArena a picture of the leaked phone has been taken. This large phone […]

Jonathan Ives, Rest Of Apple Design Team Receive D&AD Award In London


With the fiftieth anniversary of the D&AD Awards coming up this year, the prestigious advertising and design awards gave out an award for the best design studio of the last 50 years. The award went to Jonathan Ive and the rest of the Apple design studio, who were evidently thrilled to receive it. In an […]