Russian Designer Anton Kudin Shows Off iPhone UI Concept “Fold To Unlock”


Anton Kudin, a Russian graphic designer living in Krasnodar who specializes in user interface and web design, posted an iPhone interface concept called “fold to unlock iOS style” on the image sharing site dribbble (think Instagram for graphic designers). In the fold to unlock concept, instead of sliding a bar across the iPhone’s lock screen, the […]

Skype iOS Update 4.0 Not Just UI Tweaks: More Stable, Accessible, Relaunches When Crashed


Video and VOIP service, Skype, released version 4.0 of its software today. This update is for the universal app which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.3 or later). The new feature promoted on Skype’s iTunes page is the ability to move around the mirror image of yourself (as in FaceTime), […]

New Apple TV 3G Announced Supporting 1080p And iTunes Movies Now Integrate With iCloud


Well we were right! A brand new Apple TV has been announced from Apple adding a new user interface, and finally 1080p support! This means that now movies are in 1080p resolution in the Apple iTunes Store! In addition, all your movie purchases are synced through iCloud, even your playlists! In addition all your photos will […]

What do you wish was included in iOS 5 that wasn’t?


Ok, so we’re only in Beta 2 and we’re still uncovering many of the 200+ new features with many jailbroken features making it’s way into the native iOS, but in my opinion – there is still ALOT of room left leaving jailbreaking necessary. So what’s missing? We’ve already got WiFi-Sync, deletable music from within the […]

Full UI iPad Theme Coming For iPhone And iPod Touch [IMAGES]


Graphic Designer Ryan Kelley, has revealed that he is currently working on a iPad UI theme for iPhone and iPod Touch. He has just released a public beta, and is asking folks to try out the theme, and give him some feedback. Click the image below, to download it now! The iPad launch is now […]