Apple Could Release An iPhone 6, iWatch And A Television Set Next Year


The Piper Jaffary analyst Gene Munster has shared his predications for Apple’s Q4 financial earnings which will be announced today and has put their stock valuation at $640. What is more interesting than Munster’s financial prediction, however, was what he had to say about the iPhone 6. According to Munster Apple will release the iPhone 6 […]

Foxconn Begins Selling Its Own TVs In Taiwan Under 7-Eleven Branding

Foxconn TV

Taiwanese manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., known to most as Foxconn, has been reported to be looking into other ways to diversify its revenue stream so it isn’t relying on Apple to the extent it is now. The manufacturing company has been said to be looking into releasing its own smartwatch and now according to a […]

An Apple TV Related Product Still Might Not Be Out Of The Question To Be Released This Year


Lately all we have been hearing about is the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the future of the iPad, but does anyone remember those rumors about an Apple TV we were hearing about a few months ago? Despite the fact that it was widely believed we wouldn’t be seeing anything related to a TV released […]

Google Could Be Working On Its Own Set-Top Box With Motion Control According To WSJ


Google held an event on July 24th where the Search Engine giant unveiled the new Nexus 7, Android 4.3 and surprisingly a living room device called Chromecast. This dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port allows you to stream and mirror content from a tablet, smartphone or computer. It is even compatible with iOS Devices. […]

Apple Considering 55 And 65-Inch 4K Panels From LG For The iTV

Apple TV Time Warner Cable Agreement

The rumor mill has been turning at full speed lately with rumors regarding the iPhone 5S, entry-level iPhone, 5th generation iPad and iPad Mini 2. Heck there has even been some iWatch goodness thrown in there, but one things that has been missing is the iTV. The last real iTV report we heard about was […]

Apple’s New iPhone 5 TV Ad: Music Every Day [VIDEO]


Apple users love listening to music on their iPhone or iPod Touch and that’s what is showcased in the new iPhone 5 TV ad. The fruit company has started to air a new iPhone 5 TV ad titled ‘Music Every Day’. This ad is part of Apple’s new ad campaign that started with ‘Photos Every […]

New Microsoft TV Ad Uses Siri To Throw Dirt On The Apple iPad [UPDATED]

iPad vs Surface Ad

There’s a lot of competition going on in the tablet world. The Apple iPad leads the market, whereas Android and Windows 8 tablets are trying to get a piece of the pie. Microsoft’s Surface tablet isn’t doing very well, but it does some  areas that outshine the iPad. The company has released a new TV […]

If Apple Was Working On An iTV Then This Is How It Would Function [VIDEO]

Sam Beckett Apple TV Concept

Apple release a TV has been a hot topic the past year or so and whether or not the fruit company has plans to revolutionize the TV is unbeknownst, but that hasn’t stopped people from creating some amazing concepts. Today we dive into probably one of the most polished Apple TV concepts we have ever seen. […]

Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple In New Galaxy S4 Ad [VIDEO]


Whenever there’s a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, there’s always a TV ad that bashes the iPhone so the new Galaxy can look better. For the new Galaxy S4, which was launched recently, Samsung has posted a new TV ad that shows the viewers how old the iPhone and its features are. The Samsung Galaxy S4 […]

Apple Releases New iPhone 5 Ad ‘Photos Every Day’ [VIDEO]

iPhone 5-Photos Every Day

Apple has released a new TV ad for the iPhone 5 focusing mainly on the camera. The iPhone’s camera is the most popular and most used one in the entire world. On Flickr, the top three cameras used to take pictures is the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The new TV ad strays […]