Apple Ordered To Pay VirnetX $368 Million In VPN Patent Infringement Case


It looks like some of that $1.05 billion Apple won from Samsung might be heading right back out the door, if none of the lawsuits in question are successfully appealed. Apple has just been ordered to pay $368 million to a patent holding company called VirnetX, for infringing on the company’s virtual private network (VPN) […]

Judge Koh Will Consider Apple’s Request For A Ban On Several Samsung Phone On December 6


As we’ve already heard, following their victory over Samsung in their recent patent trial, Apple will attempt to have several of the infringing devices banned from sale in the United States. They’ve already announced which specific phones they’ll be requesting injunctions against, and now a date has been set for the court to decide whether […]

Samsung “Very Disappointed With Jury’s Verdict, Will Fight Till Their Arguments Are Accepted” States New Internal Memo


Samsung isn’t happy with the outcome of the recent Apple vs Samsung patent trial. Apple won and now Samsung has to face the consequences and pay more than $1 billion in damages. Both the companies have already sent out official statements regarding the jury’s verdict on the case. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook even sent out […]

Google Releases Statement On Apple vs Samsung Patent Trial Verdict, Says It Isn’t Related To Android

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After Apple’s win against Samsung in the long-winded patent trial, both the companies released statements on what they thought of the final verdict. Apple was pretty happy with the outcome and CEO Tim Cook even sent out a very delightful winning memo to all Apple corporate employees. On the other hand, Samsung wasn’t very happy obviously, […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Sends Out Memo To Apple Employees On Win Against Samsung


The Apple vs Samsung trial has come to an end, sort of, and Apple came out victorious. Of course, Samsung doesn’t believe that Apple has won and will not stop fighting. And both the companies have issued statements on what they think of the verdict. Samsung owes Apple a lot of money for causing intellectual […]

Apple Gives Out Official Statement On The Trial, Says ‘Stealing Isn’t Right’


Well, the epic battle between Samsung and Apple is over for now, and the latter came out victorious. Yesterday, the jury for the Samsung vs Apple case gave out the verdict, which stated that Sammy had infringed on Apple’s patents. Samsung has to pay Apple about $1,051,855,000 in damages it has caused and this is definitely […]

Samsung’s Statement: ‘Today’s Verdict Should Be Viewed As A Loss For The American Consumer’


If you thought Samsung was going to sit back and relax after Apple won the long lasting trial yesterday, you’d be wrong. After the impressive and not so surprising win by Apple, both the companies issued statements on their reactions of the verdict. Apple doesn’t own Samsung anything, but the latter has to pay a […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Outcome Of The Apple Vs Samsung Patent Trial


In a little bit of a surprising move today, the jury have decided the outcome of the multi-billion dollar Apple vs Samsung patent trial of the century. It looks like the fruit company managed to convince the jury that Samsung did indeed infringe on its patents on most of their devices and thus Apple was […]

A Verdict Has Been Reached For The Apple vs Samsung Trial, Samsung Loses


Unless you have been living under a rock I assume that you have heard Apple and Samsung have been in a fierce legal battle for the last little while. Each technology giant received 25 hours of court-time to convince the jury in their favour, and an additional 2 hours for closing arguments, until it will […]

Take A Look At The Juror’s Exam In The Apple Vs Samsung Case


With Apple and Samsung unable to resolve their issues with each other outside of the courtroom, the jury will be called back tomorrow, and their deliberation will begin. In order to come to a verdict, The WSJ points to the fact that they’ll fill out a “juror’s exam” that will ask them a series of […]