Apple Gives Out Official Statement On The Trial, Says ‘Stealing Isn’t Right’


Well, the epic battle between Samsung and Apple is over for now, and the latter came out victorious. Yesterday, the jury for the Samsung vs Apple case gave out the verdict, which stated that Sammy had infringed on Apple’s patents. Samsung has to pay Apple about¬†$1,051,855,000 in damages it has caused and this is definitely […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Outcome Of The Apple Vs Samsung Patent Trial


In a little bit of a surprising move today, the jury have decided the outcome of the multi-billion dollar Apple vs Samsung patent trial of the century. It looks like the fruit company managed to convince the jury that Samsung did indeed infringe on its patents on most of their devices and thus Apple was […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Multi-Billion Dollar Apple VS Samsung Trials


As we’ve mentioned before, today marks the day that perhaps the biggest trial in patent law history begins. There will no doubt be weeks – if not months – of court proceedings to settle this matter, and it all began in earnest this morning. Apple and Samsung attempted to reach a settlement last week, but […]

qTweeter Cydia Tweak: The Fastest Way To Manage Twitter And Facebook On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad!


qTweeter is by no way a new Cydia tweak, however it is a Cydia tweak that a lot of people underestimate. Before I personally get into too much detail explaining the qTweeter tweak, I think the best way for you to understand qTweeter is to simply read qTweeter’s Cydia description straight from the developer himself: […]