Apple Loses iPhone Trademark In Brazil


It’s not the first time Apple has found itself in a legal battle over the iPhone brand. Cisco was the first company to sue Apple in 2007 because one of its business phones was also called “iPhone”. Following this, on the 25th of October of last year, a Mexico City court denied an appeal made by Apple, […]

Apple Vs. Proview Lawsuit Ends With A $60 Million Settlement


Months ago, a Chinese company called Proview had accused Apple of using their trademarked IPAD name on Apple product. The battle has been raging ever since, with the Chinese company asking for over $400 million for damages to sales. Proview claimed the ownership of the term iPad, which Apple claimed to have purchased from the […]

Proview Released A Press Release Stating Apple Committed Fraud


Proview, the Chinese company who sued Apple in the U.S court days ago have now issued a Press Release saying Apple committed fraud and giving unfair competition. Proview used the term IPAD on their personal computers sold in China, which Apple had purchased from a company in the UK who bought the trademark from Proview. […]

Apple Gets Sued By Proview Over iPad Trademark In The United States


Apparently, everyone wants to sue Apple nowadays, even if there is absolutely no reason to. One such case is that of the Proview, who supposedly had ownership of the iPad trademark and claimed that Apple used it without their permission. Why come after the fruit company so many years after the iPad launch? Proview is […]

Apple Continues To Protect Its iBrand


Apple has always loved throwing “i” in front of their products including the iPad, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iMac, and the iBook, which explains why they are so protective of it. According to The Next Web, a new smartphone case, that is in New Zealand seems to be Apple’s next target. Dubbed the “driPhone” it is […]

Google Awarded Patent For Android Pattern Unlock


If you own an Android device you know how awesome the partner unlock is to play with (I bet your pattern is a “7” or “S”). Apple may have their swipe to unlock, but much like everything else Android, we have full customization over how we want to unlock our phone. Pin, pattern, and now […]

Apple acquires the AirDrop trademark from an Android developer


Patently Apple report that Apple have successfully acquired the trademark ‘AirDrop’ following the transfer from previous owner Urban Airship who were granted it only last month. AirDrop is an important new feature of OSX Lion that allows the sharing of files with nearby users. The trademark was transferred to Apple on May 11 and effective on June […]