The Secret To Apple’s Aesthetically Pleasing Products Revealed


Apple is a company that almost always gets a product right and they have become famous by the design of their products. Apple sacrifices nothing for design and it is obvious that aesthetics is always at the top of their priorities. Just how does Apple accomplish great design again and again? While it is obvious […]

Apple’s Tony Fadell Believes Scott Forstall ‘Got What He Deserved’


Late last month, Apple let go of its Senior VP of iOS Scott Forstall in a rather interesting executive shuffle. Apparently he didn’t get along well with other Apple executives and was very hard to work with. Now, ex-Apple employee and head of iPod division Tony Fadell, has publicly stated that Scott Forstall ‘got what he deserved‘. Tony […]

Apple Stores To Carry Nest Learning Thermostats [Rumor]


Apple will be selling the Nest Learning Thermostat through the Apple Store, according to a rumor from iLounge. Although iLounge doesn’t specify a source, this rumor is not implausible. Nest’s CEO is Tony Fadell, who was the former senior vice president of Apple’s iPod devision. The Nest even looks like something Apple’s labs would cook up, […]

Tony Fadell Talks About iPhone For The First Time [VIDEO]


If you live in a cave somewhere, you may not have heard of this company called Apple, and one of their, at the time, cutting-edge products called the iPod. Tony Fadell was the SVP of the iPod division (which is why he is called the Father of the iPod) and recently sat down and spoke with […]

iPhone Almost Had A Keyboard, Could Have Been Called “iPod + Phone,” Says Tony Fadell


After five years of thumb-typing on a touch screen this next bit of news may be hard to believe. On an interview with The Verge, Tony Fadell revealed that Apple was considering a hardware keyboard for the original iPhone. Fadell would have been in the know, since he played a role in designing Apple’s iPod […]