Intel Announces Thunderbolt 2, Which Boasts Speeds Of Up To 20Gbps

Thunderbolt 2

The next-generation Thunderbolt protocol from Intel, Thunderbolt 2 was officially announced recently. Thunderbolt 2 boasts a 20Gbps speed, which is twice the speed of the first generation. Intel promised that it will be backward compatible, allowing existing and former Thunderbolt products to be used. Intel promises to bring the product in the market before the year […]

Refreshed Thunderbolt Display With USB 3.0, MagSafe 2 And Fused LCD Display Coming Soon?


When Apple refreshed the iMac to feature a dramatically thinner design which reduced screen glare by up to 75 percent, it seemed likely that the company would eventually refresh their Thunderbolt display with the same technology. It looks like this may happen shortly as according to AppleInsider major resellers such as Amazon, J&R and MacMall […]

Thunderbolt To Firewire 800 Adapter Now Available From Apple


Purchasers of the new MacBook Pro with Retina will have noticed that Apple has dispensed with Firewire altogether, and replaced it with the new Thunderbolt port. Unfortunately, this means that all your external hard drives and other Firewire peripherals can’t be plugged in. You won’t have to buy all new everything, though, thanks to the release […]

Apple Sneaks A Quiet Update Into Their Thunderbolt Displays


Apple has tweaked the Thunderbolt Displays which they are currently shipping to customers, according to 9To5Mac. The change seems to be a minor revision, with the product’s code changed from MC914LL/A to MC914LL/B. The only major change noticed is the in-box inclusion of a MagSafe 2 adapter for compatibility with Apple’s new MacBook Pro with […]

Drobo 5D And Drobo Mini Announced With Thunderbolt And USB 3.0


Drobo has announced two brand new products today, which are the Drobo 5D and the Drobo Mini. Both of these new products offer USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity for blazing fast transfer speeds and are sure to please consumers. The Drobo 5D has a 96 TB storage capacity, and is 5x faster than previous-generation Drobos […]

The Retina MacBook Pro Can Run Up To 3 External Displays Simultaneously [IMAGE]


The new Retina MacBook Pro has an amazing screen thanks to the 5.1 million pixels packed in to the 15 inch package. It has a resolution of 2880×1800, one that is more than that of full HDTV’s. The hardware is amazing too, it has the latest Intel processors, millions of gigs of RAM, some super […]

Elgato Release Their Own Thunderbolt Cable


When Apple released their press report announcing this amazingly fast, yet currently nearly useless port technology from Intel, called Thunderbolt, many people were surprised. With the release of USB 3.0 earlier that year, Apple announced something that no one was even using (sounds familiar to FireWire). While the Thunderbolt port does have amazing features about […]

Apple Patent Shows Plans For Thunderbolt In iOS Device


A collection of patents published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that Apple is trying to bring the high speed transfer rates of the Intel Thunderbolt technology to their iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The patent outlines many different implications and designs to bring this to the devices. Some of the […]

Purchase An Apple iMac For $999 [Educational Institutions Model]


Apple has decided to launch a cheaper iMac model for educational institutions for only $999. This new “under $1000″ model of the iMac features a 21.5inch screen, a 3.1GHz dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and an AMD Radeon graphics card (no thunderbolt). Apple is also still offering last years model […]

Apple Planning To Release 3 HDTV’s By March 2012 [Rumor]


Wall Street analyst Trip Chowdhry issued a note to investors that Apple will be releasing 3 different models of high definition televisions by March of next year [via AI]. The product that Chowdhry claims the Apple televisions are most similar to, is the Bose VideoWave system, which sports a 46″ LCD screen, and a built […]