WinterBoard Gets iOS 8 Support And Other Improvements


Saurik a.k.a Jay Freeman, has released an update for the popular WinterBoard tweak, giving it iOS 8 support and some other improvements. WinterBoard is basically used to change the appearance, like themes, of your iOS device. WinterBoard version 0.9.3917 brings iOS 8 support, which means you can now safely theme your new iPhone 6 or […]

A Look At Some Upcoming iOS 7 Themes


When the iOS 7 Jailbreak is released you might be able to expect an influx of themes due to the fact that there seem to be so many disputes with how iOS 7 should have been designed. One theme that you can be sure to expect to be available for your iPhone and iPod Touch […]

Popular Ayecon Theme From Surenix Goes On Sale For $0.99 For A Limited Time

Ayecon Theme

If you never read our review on Ayecon then you really will have to take a few minutes to do so! Ayecon, pronounced “icon” or “ai-con” is one of the best looking and most complete themes available on Cydia. Sure there are thousands upon thousands of themes, but not all of them have the class and […]

The 1mpAct i5 WinterBoard Theme Is Sure To Turn Some Heads [VIDEO]


We very rarely cover WinterBoard themes here on because most of us are not huge into theming. Today is an exception, however, as a theme by the name of 1mpAct i5 for the iPhone and iPod Touch caught my attention in Cydia’s Changes tab. 1mpAct i5 is a theme created by Mack 83 and it is superb […]

This Is The Best Android Theme For Your Jailbroken iOS 6.x iPhone Or iPod Touch


For a long time it has been some user’s holy grail to install Google Android on an iOS device, and the only time this has ever been fulfilled was in 2008, just for the iPhone 3G and and iPhone 2G. Disappointingly, nothing has come out for newer iPhones since, and certainly not Android ICS or […]

Stuck On iOS 5? ‘iOS 6 Weather’ Theme Makes Weather Look Like iOS 6 [WinterBoard]


While an eventual iOS 6 untethered jailbreak isn’t looking quite as grim as we believed it to be, like many of our readers, I’m stuck with iOS 5 because I enjoy having an untethered jailbreak on my iPhone, and all the awesome tweaks that come with it. Meanwhile I’ve been staring longingly at all the […]

Top 5 Cydia Themes For November 2012: Prestige HD, inPulse Theme (Retina), GlasKlart HD, Matte Nano HD And Noki-HD


With lots of themes available on Cydia, it will take you days to find a good looking and unique theme which will give a nice touch to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Even the featured themes listed on Cydia will turn out to be ugly and not what you expected. So we have compiled […]

Aicon Is A Cydia Tweak That Applies Effects To Springboard Icons


My biggest criticism of even the best WinterBoard theme is that everything looks good, until you find that the icon for one of your favorite apps isn’t supported. When that happens, you have a sore thumb sticking out from an otherwise slick theme. While Aicon won’t always be the perfect solution to calming down unruly […]

Beautifolders: Automatic Folder Themes Based On Folders Names [VIDEO]


With the Beautifolders Cydia tweak you can automatically theme your folders based on their names. Meaning if you had a folder titled games, for example, it would be themed with the background of a checkerboard. Note #1: There is no SpringBoard icon associated with the Beautifolders Cydia tweak, but there are configurable options present in […]

How To: Download And Install WinterBoard Themes To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [VIDEO]


In’s previous how to guide we showed you how to install WinterBoard to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Today, we are going to be showing you how to take advantage of WinterBoard and actually install a theme to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that will change the appearance of your SpringBoard. This […]